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Thursday, July 23, 2015


Just finished reading this article right now, and suggest you also do it.---
WHAT KILLED THE FWE? THE QUESTION WE MAY SOON BE ASKING...AND HERE'S THE ANSWER  By Mike Johnson on 2015-03-16 http://www.pwinsider.com/article/92359/what-killed-the-fwe-the-question-we-may-soon-be-askingand-heres-the-answer.html?p=1

Since I can't really afford to support anything, but still feel I should, then my dollars for wrestling go to only buying SHIMMER DVDs. They earned my loyalty with consistently good merchandise and affordable prices.

Been waiting since the end of April , for 2 x 2 DVD combination orders (that is 4 dvd's). My bill said "SHIMMER Vol. 66 & Vol. 67 Two DVD Combo PRE-ORDER (ships during May)",  was to be hoped for released the next week.

It is almost August, so it is 12 weeks overdue.

In the past they have been a little late, so am not that upset yet, especially as VISA can always get my dough back, but starting to get frustrated as the next set of video taping in October will be for Volumes 76 & 77.

That is a lot of dvd volumes they are behind in reproducing for the fans.
Half the blame is due to whoever they hired for manufacturing the finished DVD's (dubbing discs, printing covers).

When you order from SHIMMER and if it includes a "pre-order", then all of it sits, until all of it is ready to go..
Unless you are not a cheapskate like me, and pay for each available DvD separately , apart from the per-ordered, to get quick shipping.

You know me,
sometimes I splurge, then sometimes I save.

I get twisted up over the stupid costs from USPS and CanadaPost when I know they keep carriers who will lose your mail, are irresponsible,  but never get fired.

read the article I linked...

Makes me wonder about others selling off their Shimmer DVD collections, as there are downloads where you can get it all (or almost all) for free.

If I start selling off everything online at Discogs and eBay  then you will now that I gave up, and I finally do not care about anything, and don't care about others' survival.
If everybody wants to push for digital only, then fine. I will never send another physical package or letter out, strictly uploads and emails, and will just download everything for free.
Had too many  hard drives die on me and I lost all the music and videos on them. Everybody must be nuts to think I will pay for material that can disappear.

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