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Monday, July 20, 2015

The Origins of Post-Black Metal

I don't really like "webzines", and have to be really really bored to look at any of them,
but at least some don't call themselves fanzines, because fanzines I only understand as a xeroxed / printed paper magazine without needing a professional look, or large finances / the intrusion of big business to go with it.
Fanzines were created by fans not to make money, but spread the word of good underground bands..
At the start I did not like this new "post-black metal" 'black metal shoegaze rock' 'Blackgaze'(?) sound, but got used to it.

Check out this list -

Top Ten Countdown: The Origins of Post-Black Metal Posted on by

Kind of interesting to read.

I remember Fleurety – Min tid skal komme (1995) being weird and jazzy, but have not heard it for years, so, would never have thought to include it in this genre.
(in relation to the linked article, you will want this link too - http://ascoven.blogspot.ca/search?q=+Skogen


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