What happens when a website says "not available for viewing in your country" ? maybe illegal downloading increases ?

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Don't let Canada Post end door to door delivery.

Petition update
Susan Dixon just posted an update on the petition you signed, Don't let Canada Post end door to door delivery.

My biggest goal!!

Mar 22, 2015 My biggest goal is to have EVERYONE have door to door delivery but we have to stop the ending of door to door delivery first and then work forward. Believe me, I think it is... Read more
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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Metallica flyers

I didn't know about Raven until the fall / winter of 1983 when a high-school friend shown me heavier metal like them and Accept, Exciter, Metallica, etc, and in the summer of 1984 was when I sort of planned to see the Metallica/Anthrax/Raven show at The Concert Hall in Toronto, but because not enough advance tickets sold, it was cancelled.
I didn't have much money back then, so for me, going to a show, would always be last minute.
Found this above on facebook I think quite awhile ago -- maybe on Ron Quintana's page..
Ron McGovney - "It was 30 years ago today that Metallica played live for the first time"

Thursday, March 5, 2015


"Hey,  got your ears on, rubber duck ?"

Thanks to
Uploaded on Aug 31, 2007
Rubber Ducky Theme Song.

ah yes

...I was reminded of this hilarious comic panel, after watching an episode of GOTHAM that had a scene of a mafia boss doing the same thing.

..." a disguised Liza visits Falcone in the park where she shares her opera music with him."
GOTHAM, Episode 5
aired: October 20, 2014

 ..ah, Hello, I was feeding these little birdies, but then I heard you humming a song my Mama used to sing to me..
Please come home with me and spank me, I have been very bad.

 Ok, the TV episode didn't say that exactly, but it fits,  right?

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


CHRISTIAN ROCK REPORT.com Issues No 1 to No. 5

(I made a quick crappy screenshot for you, at top of the post here
Did not feel like spending time making better quality conversions to png or jpg files).

each issue has-
1 or 2 interviews ,News, including Local News, reviews of live events and released music, plus Bible studies.
I an guessing this is written for those already into Christian rock and praising God in public

main featured bands interviewed, include -
#1 - Demon Hunter
#2 - Astoria Arms
#3 - Thaxton
#4 - Pillar
#5 - Spoken, and Letter 7

I downloaded these a long time ago.
The date I saved them onto disc says 2008.

from Mansfield, Texas
Editor: Rick E.Warden
looks like this is him on FaceBook

NOW, There is no website "CHRISTIANROCKREPORT.com",
not sure if there ever was.
There was a myspace linked to it. https://myspace.com/christianrockreport
with I guess who is the editor holding up No.5 ?

This zine is...
For collectors of ... all that.. is h̶o̶l̶y̶...uhhh, .no, wait...of..all.... that is...written!...I guess.
ha ha!
.........whoah...I am looking at the Dallas, Texas band he plays in,
and they drop the F-Bomb in their description, so if they are a "Christian" band, then they are the gritty-type, (such as singer Burrito from 1980s band The Warning)  by using "street language" to communicate with the average "worldly" person who would not normally spend any time paying attention to the message about Christ.....
their facebook description also notifies you about the Federal Reserve and ...well, just read it yourself