What happens when a website says "not available for viewing in your country" ? maybe illegal downloading increases ?

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Jason Newsted Quits Social Networks, like Facebook

maybe more people seeing all of these sites are kind of like cancer?

By Axl Rosenberg
..."has posted the following message to his official website (I’m posting a screen cap because, as usual, the incredible amount of traffic the site receives makes its load time very, VERY long):

 This is so forward-thinking of Newsted I can’t even wrap my head around it. Although the dinosaurs who run the record business have been in denial about it for a long, long time, social networking services like the ones Newsted cites are totally over. The kids don’t care anymore — they wanna go outside, interact face-to-face, discover new music via MTV and various magazines, and buy physical media in stores. Everyone needs to STOP trying to push Instagram and Twitter already. They had their fifteen minutes. Everyone is over it."


Check this other blog out

I discovered and read a decent post about Christian metal/hardcore music (Yes, I listen to it, and like it, including "unblack" metal).


and the author has his own blog

I am scrolling down and found something which I thought I was opposed to during my entire life - posers ! ,
and he, Sergeant D
makes sense why nobody should get bent out of shape if they are around.

read the article at -

Accursed Spawn (Canada) - Old School Death Metal - style !


" If you're a fan of Cannibal Corpse, Decapitated, Suffocation, Obituary, Deicide, Naplalm Death, Vital Remains ..."

First single - Burned Into Sterility - http://youtu.be/pFqj8Xg7PLk

Burned into Sterility (single) - FREE DOWNLOAD
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/accursed-spawn/burned-into-sterility
Bandcamp: http://accursedspawn.bandcamp.com/


Worldwide Merch Store:

Ottawa Death Metallers ACCURSED SPAWN New EP 'Putrid' Out October 28th

Strutz (UK) - Danger

500 copies were released of the compilation album (on CD ?)
STRUTZ – Through The Ages (2013)
NWOBHM-AOR- Melodic Rock

Monday, September 29, 2014

Very good 1970s-ish headbanging stuff
eg. Thin Lizzy ,  Wishbone Ash.

Dead Lord 2013 Goodbye To Repentance
album is easy to find for download, or leave a comment if you need a link

Death Penalty Immortal by Your Hand (OFFICIAL)

Death Penalty Immortal by Your Hand (OFFICIAL)

female singer from Belgium joins UK guitarist from CATHEDRAL.
For heavy metal fans into "The Ethereal Mirror" LP,

Death Penalty 2014 Death Penalty
album is easy to find for download, or leave a comment if you need a link

12-Year Old Child Reveals One of the Best Kept Secrets in the World

12-Year Old Child Reveals One of the Best Kept Secrets in the World

9_11 Pentagon Footage Conspiracy Documentary

9_11 Pentagon Footage Conspiracy Documentary



There is a chapter about this
compiled by Al Hiddell and Joan D'Arc, editors of Paranoia Magazine
Citadel Press, 1998.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Before and after there ever is a "Marilyn Manson", there was Alice.. AND DEATH SS


 I have a ton of music by them if you have a request. Click the video and Go to the YOUtube page to watch it. This tied up chick shows her beautiful breasts, Hooray!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Against a concrete wall !

Quest for Serenity 2014  Into a New Dimension
@128 [Christian Unblack Metal]
Razor 1984 Escape The Fire Demo 1984
Repugnant 2006 Epitome Of Darkness

 The Cult 1987-05-27 Live at Copa Club, Toronto
@ vbr

Warmachine 2001 Demo

Waysted 1987-03-22, Toronto, Canada 
@ 128 WMA
Wehrmacht - Fast As A Shark Attack EP

Zach Galifianakis 2004 Live at Cobbs

Zach Galifianakis

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

bang yore rocker skull !!!!!

Accidental Suicide (US-WI) Deceased (1992).

 amasa gana  2012 @192

  Angel Witch 1980 Angel Witch ((Japan Edit. 2005)

Antivenom (US) 2012 Sacred Funeral ( Christian Extreme Metal), by necroscum @192

Deep Purple 1972 Made in Japan (dbl  live) @256

Panther 1986 Panther EP @192

 Piranha (US) 2004 N.W.O.B.A.T. EP @vbr

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Alice Cooper 1987-03-06 Cincinnati, Ohio '
1987 LIVE AT THE GARDEN' radio broadcast
The Nightmare Returns Tour
in support of the album 'Constrictor'

Alice Cooper: Vocals
Kip Winger: Bass
Derek Sherinan: Keyboards
Kane Roberts: Guitar
Ken Mary: Drums

Setlist :
1. Welcome To My Nightmare (4:33)
2. Billion Dollar Babies (3:18)
3. No More Mr. Nice Guy (3:36)
4. Be My Lover (4:06)
5. I'm Eighteen (3:51)
6. The World Needs Guts (3:37)
7. Give It Up (3:57)
8. Cold Ethyl (3:02)
9. Only Women Bleed (4:10)
10. Go To Hell (5:43)
11. Ballad Of Dwight Fry (7:12)
12. Elected (3:49)
13. under My Wheels (3:26)
14. Sick Things (2:37)
15. I Love The Dead (3:51)
16. School's Out (10:26)

1 hour 11 minutes 14 seconds @160

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

GUITARS (Texas)[aka GTRS] - LP (2009)

Thanks to, I think, UGA Mike.
He was a Blogtalk radio dj into wrestling, who once played "I Can't Wait" on his radio show.
I thought it was a great song and wanted to hear more.

It took one or two years, but I managed to track down mp3's of the album.
I contacted the band much too late and the vinyl Long Playing record was sold out by then.

GUITARS (Texas)[aka GTRS] - Guitars LP (2009)(limited to 100 copies)

40 minutes 14 seconds

1. GTRS [aka Guitars] (US) - The Black Mass [ 24 Feb 2009] (3:34) flv video
2. I Can't Wait (3:01)
3. The Black Mass (3:29)
4. Waiting For A Good Time (3:04)
5. Stupid Light (2:28)
6. It's Probably Inevitable (5:07)
7. The Number (3:14)
8. State Line (4:31)
9. I'd Never Lie (3:28)
10. Blood Muff (3:46)
11. Not This Time (4:32)
text file/band info

@ 160


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Stevie Nicks

Stevie Nicks 2007 Crystal Visions... The Very Best of Stevie Nicks

1. Edge of Seventeen (5:29)
2. I Can't Wait (4:35)
3. Sorcerer (4:54)
4. If Anyone Falls in Love (4:07)
5. Stop Draggin' My Heart Around (with Tom Petty) (4:02)
6. Silver Springs (with Fleetwood Mac) (4:45)
7. Dreams (with Deep Dish) (3:46)
8. Rhiannon (Live) (7:01)
9. Rooms on Fire (4:34)
10. Talk to Me (4:10)
11. Landslide (Live with the Melbourne Symphony) (4:14)
12. Stand Back (4:48)
13. Planets of the Universe (4:45)
14. Rock and Roll (Live) (4:03)
15. Leather and Lace (with Don Henley) (3:54)
16. Edge of Seventeen (Live with the Melbourne Symphony) (9:14)

1 hour 18 minutes 21 seconds  @vbr

Blind Illusion

 Blind Illusion 2010 Demon Master

1. Blind Illusion - Merger (2:56)
2. Blind Illusion - Mahakala (2:32)
3. Blind Illusion - Heaven's Devils (5:00)
4. Blind Illusion - Precurser - Demon Master (9:55)
5. Blind Illusion - Gargantuan (5:33)
6. Blind Illusion - Midnight In China (3:50)
7. Blind Illusion - Cajun Fang (5:53)
8. Blind Illusion - Storm Cloud (9:27)

45 minutes 6 seconds  @vbr.zip

NOT thrashy like the 1988 lp, this is more like CLUTCH,  BLUE OYSTER CULT, with influences sounding like psychedelic, country, and even quirky funk that PRIMUS fans would dig.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Don't let Canada Post end door to door delivery

Petition Update

Over 152,100 supporters now

Susan Dixon
Sep 7, 2014 — Hi all, just wanted to let you know that we now have over 152,100 supporters and still growing. I am looking into a correctly formatted petition with the stipulated correct wording for the House of Commons as they are being extremely picky. I will update as necessary. I have now created a facebook page at www.facebook.com/stopcanadapost. This is where I will post a link to the correct formatted paper petition once I have it corrected. Please be patient but things are moving once again.

Thanks to all of you for your incredible efforts in supporting this cause and keep up the good work. I, for one, will keep this fight on until the end.


Don't let Canada Post end door to door delivery

    1. Susan Dixon
    2. Petition by
      Cambridge, Canada
I wonder, has anyone at Canada Post ever tried to to push a stroller or a wheelchair or a walker through the snow? I don't think they realize the impact of ending door-to-door mail delivery when it comes to the parents of young children, to the disabled, and to the elderly, especially in winter.  
Millions of Canadians were surprised and angry to learn they may have to travel kilometers to get their mail. I am the mother of two young boys. My youngest has cerebral palsy and uses a walker or wheelchair to get around. For me, Canada Post’s decision would mean having to bundle them up and struggle through the snow with a wheelchair just to get our mail.  And I am just one of thousands of Canadians who must already overcome mobility challenges on a daily basis.
On top of that, 8000 employees are going to lose their jobs because of this decision! And, we’re hearing that these new “superboxes” might not be very safe. My grandfather, god rest his soul, was a WW2 veteran and became a mailman. They take their work very seriously otherwise they would not brave the weather. My current mail carrier is also proud of the service she provides for the community. Why change something that is working well for communities across Canada?
This has to be stopped. A lot of people need home delivery because of their circumstances. Please sign the petition and share this with as many people as you can. The more people we get, the more solid the chances will be that Canada post and the government hear our voices!!

Deepak Chopra, President and CEO, Canada post
Douglas Jones, Senior VP, Delivery and Customer Experience, Canada Post
Stephen Edmondson, Vice President, Customer Relations, Canada Post
Jo-Anne Polak, Vice President, Communications and Public Affairs, Canada Post
Lisa Raitt, Minister or Transport, Infrastructure and Communities, Government of Canada
Please reconsider the plan to end door-to-door delivery, and think about how all Canadians would be affected.
[Your name]