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Saturday, June 22, 2019

Bright Green - ''Knowing I Won't Do Anything Better''

Bright Green - ''Knowing I Won't Do Anything Better'' [from That's Heaven Behind Me , released Sept 1, 2017]
pop punk, guitar pop rock, New Jersey
I heard this a week ago on a Vince Russo wrestling podcast,
I guess it is heavy groove rock/pop punk like The Smashing Pumpkins?
----oh boy!-------
slowly working on some compilations for myself.....for you....for nobody in particular.....
Might want some tunes to listen to, if I go to Toronto during the Summerslam weekend to see a SHIMMER event.
First time SHIMMER is ever in Canada?

I'd like to say a 50/50 chance I will attend, but considering the time of year, it means extremely hot humid weather and cramped TTC rides;
not to mention, do I really want to spend time and energy and a lot of money, when I can sit at home and be comfortable? Could spend that dough on alcohol and crank some tunes loud or watch movies.

Yes, it is about 5 or 10 years too late for me to really care, just like the Malhavoc '86 demo LP release and party/concert happening this weekend.
I doubt I will order the vinyl either.
After decades of me (and I guess quite a few others) hailing the only era of Malhavoc that counts, (when they were true metal), now it looks like them and others are wanting to cash in.
Smells insincere, for example like Tom Warrior these days, when for decades he distanced himself from Hellhammer.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Ugly Kid Joe / Scatterbrain show SUCKED BALLS

In the early 1990s, I bought a ticket to their show at The Opera House in Toronto, as I was blown away and had a ton of fun in the pit at Scatterbrain's previous album tour... The Rivoli Club on Queen Street.

I wasted my time and money on this show.
The place was pretty empty, so maybe others knew in advance it would suck shit?

After the start of Ugly Kid Joe's set, I was bored and started reading a newspaper. They weren't heavy at all.
Not just the PA wasn't loud enough, but the songs seemed wimpy.
It was cool the singer ran around the floor and handed out the band's stickers during a guitar solo, but that didn't win me over. ...
and then around 2 years later they were this huge band on MTV and MuchMusic ?
Ugly Kid Joe sounded the same ... they still sucked and I couldn't figure out what others seen in them!

and then, ugh..Scatterbrain... I actually sat through the whole set....
ONLY LATER I was told this was their heroin tour....
dull / boring / nauseating

I was ripped off.
That might have been one of the last concerts I seen in the early 1990s besides Morbid Angel or Entombed.
Never cared again to see live shows, until the late 1990s being invited to a private gig featuring Griffin's new band which I think was ARYAN.