What happens when a website says "not available for viewing in your country" ? maybe illegal downloading increases ?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December 1,2010 Canadaspaceman

Canadaspaceman December 1,2010
27.2 MB
1:59 Hour

December 1,2010 Canadaspaceman.8pm eastern time. 10 am Sydney,Australian Time.

Cannibal Corpse (US)- Mummified in Barbed Wire,1995 Created To Kill Demo

14:40 min
Exciter (Ottawa,Can) - Death Machine,2010 Death Machine LP /
88:09 min
Whiplash (NJ,US) - Pitbulls In The Playground, 2009 Unborn Again LP

Saturday, November 20, 2010

CanadaSpaceman's Angry Show !

11-20-2010 CanadSpaceman's Angry Show !
EasternTime 10 pm Saturday 11-20-2010
Sydney Time 02 pm Sunday 11-21-2010

Call-in Number: (347) 989-0588


11-19-2010 - Canada Spaceman's Lament for RIOTOR's cancellation



11-19-2010 - Canada Spaceman's Lament for RIOTOR's cancellation

64 minutes
32 kbps
SPEWGORE (Brampton,ON,Can) - Rodeo Song [Showdown (Edmonton,Alberta,Can)cover song],
2010 Breakneck Therapy LP/
PROFANER (Hamilton,ON,Can) - Through the Depths, 2010 Signs of Nine LP/
TANKARD (Ger) - Poison, 1986 Zombie Attack LP/
D GENERATION (US) - No Way Out (3:57) 1996 No Lunch LP /
ALICE COOPER (US) - Adaptable(Anything For You)1982 Zipper Catches Skin LP/
PROJECT NAILED (Can) - Song 4-GoredMix-Final, November2010/
NASTY SAVAGE (Florida,US) - Fear Beyond The Vision - 1985 LP/
PRAYING MANTIS (UK) - [2010] Witch Hunt (NEW SONG)/
SKULL FIST (Toronto,ON,US) - Heavier Than Metal, 2010 LP title track /
ASPHYX (Hol) - The Herald, 2009 Death...The Brutal Way LP /
AXEVYPER (Italy) - Non è Finita Qui,2010 Axevyper LP/
ANVIL (Toronto,ON,CAN) - Pussy Poison, 1985 Backwaxed LP/
SPEWGORE (Brampton,ON,Can) - Self-Perceived Image,2010 Breakneck Therapy LP/
MOON MARTIN (US) - Bad Case Of Lovin' You,1978 Shots From a Cold Nightmare LP.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

CanadaSpaceman Friday November 5th, 2010

CanadaSpaceman Friday the non-important November 5th,2010 -
1 hour 55 Minutes
32 kbps

EVE'S PLUM (US) - Want You Bad, 1995 'Cherry Alive' LP /
EVE'S PLUM (US) - Jesus Loves You, 1995 'Cherry Alive' LP
/dj /
electric company theme [tv show] (US) /
ANGEL (US) - The Fortune, 1976 'Helluva Band' LP /
CRONOS (UK) - AT War With Satan, 1990 Dancing In The Fire LP /
THE HIGH CRUSADE (US) - Whatever's Real (2010 lp) /
DJ /
WIND OF CHANGE (Arizona) - Rhyme & Reason - Promise Kept {LONGPAUSE---TECH DIFFICUlTIES}- How I Feel (1989 recordings)
/DJ + dj ANNOUNCEMENT for Nov 12th razor-fatality-vindicator-etc gig/
RAZOR (Can) - AOD , 1985 'Malicious Intent' LP /46:40 minutes
FATALITY (Can) - Victims of the Dead, 2009 'Beers from the Grave' cd /
DJ /
DRAKSEN (Mexico) - I Want My Money Back, 1993 LP /
BLOODSTAR (Switzerland) - Ten Thousand Years, 1989 LP (Red Decibel records)/
dj + joined by AJ Maggot[for last 30 minutes or so].

Sunday, October 31, 2010

10-31-2010 Sunday Canadaspaceman

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Download here
1:58 hours 32 kbps

ANVIL CHORUS (US) - Death Of A Dream, 2009 'The Killing Sun' cd /
FORBIDDEN (US) - Alpha Century, Forsaken At The Gates, 2010 'Omega Wave' cd /
SINDROME (US) - Into The Halls Of Extermination, 1987 demo title track /
BLACK DONNELLYS (Can) - {cut off}, {sounded too distorted) /
HEAVEN (Australia) - In The Beginning, 1982 'Twilight of Mischief/In the Beginning' LP/
DJ /
BLUSHING BRIDES (Can) - What You Talkin' Bout 82 'Unveiled' LP /
LIZ PHAIR (US) - Bang! Bang! , 2010 'Funstyle' CD /
RED KROSS (US) - Citadel (ROLLING STONES cover),1984 'Teen Babes From Monsanto' LP /
DAG NASTY (US) - All Ages Show ep 1987 title track /
DJ /
DEATH ANGEL (US) - This Hate, 2010 'Relentless Retribution' LP /
FOZZY (US) - Grail, 2009 'Chasing the Grail' LP /
GRAVEDIGGER (Ger) - Hammer Of The Scots, 2010 'The Clans Will Rise Again' LP /
OZ (Finland) - Search Lights, 1983 Fire In The Brian Lp /
DJ /
CHERIE CURRIE (with MARIE CURRIE) - Since You've Been Gone (RAINBOW cover song), 1980 'Messin' With The Boys' LP /
SPAZZTIC BLURR (US) - ABC'S-Bouge Jonzin-He Not-A-Home Me Marco-Let There Be Blurr-Ace, 1988 LP /
BAD NEWS (UK) - Heavy Metal Farmer, 1988 'Bootleg' LP /
BAD NEWS (UK) - Bad News, 1987 'Bad News' LP /
BAD NEWS (UK) - Warriors of Ghengis Khan, 1987 'Bad News' LP /

CIRCLE JERKS (US) - Golden shower of Hits (Jerks on 45)[Along Comes Mary, Close To You, Afternoon Delight, Having My Baby, Love Will Keep Us Together, D-I-V-O-R-C-E], 1983 'Golden Shower Of Hits' LP /

CIRCLE JERKS (US) - Beat Me Senseless, 1987 'VI' LP /
160 Greatest Arnold Schwarzenegger Quotes [OFF YOUTUBE]/
Adam Sandler - The Goat (Skit) 1996 'What the Hell Happened to Me ?' LP/
KRONK (US) (My Ass is named) 'Al', 2007 'Spill Your Guts' LP /
Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings theme /
DJ /
ROSE TATTOO (Australia) - Assault & Battery, Magnum Maid, 1981 'Assault & Battery' LP.

Friday, October 1, 2010


Australian time
Sunday, October 3 · 8:00am - 11:00pm
Eastern Canada/USA time
Saturday, October 2nd · 5 pm


1 hr
one of the stupidest shows on BTR..join me for nothing special as I look over the week that was..news,sports,music,comedy & wrestling

Call-in Number: (347) 989-0657

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Canadian Indy/Pro Wrestling Radio

Canadian Indy/Pro Wrestling Radio

Live Tuesday 28th Canadian
Wrestling hour live 6pm est 3pm pst come check it out, Wednesday
Canadian Indie music hour live 6pm est 3pm pst


Covering Canadian Indy / Pro Wrestling promotions from all across Canada. And Canadian Indie bands and artist

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


AUSTRALIA..8am est sunday
CANADA/USA..6pm eastern saturday


Saturday, September 25 · 6:00pm - 7:00pm
Location http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ajmaggot/2010/09/25/my-mate-maggot

Call-in Number: (347) 989-0657

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dave ain't here man ,Friday 11 pm EST, Saturday 1 pm Sydney,Australia time

Upcoming Episode

03-07-2010 July 3rd A.J.MAGGOT AND CANADASPACEMAN - Dave ain't here man
The Indy Show
Date / Time: 02/07/2010 23:00 NY time

Call-in Number: (718) 664-9887 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (718) 664-9887      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

2 hours of metal from the past, some news,

plus a short interview with Steve, guitar thrashmeister

You will get more metal than in a cage match !!

CANNIBAL CORPSE - No Remorse [Metallica cover] /
dj's, AJ Maggot talks about PWA wrestling in Australia /
BLACK SABBATH - Black Sabbath /
BLACK SABBATH - Scary Dreams [unreleased] 2001-07-07 Ozzfest /
dj's joined by guest Missionary Pyro /
BURNT OFFERING - Kick Your Dirt ,'89 Burnt Offering LP /
CANCER - Hung, Drawn And Quartered '91 Death Shall Rise LP /
dj's + Pyro /
BLACK LABEL SOCIETY - You Must Be Blind, 2005 Mafia lp /
BATHORY - Reaper ,'84 Bathory LP /
dj's + Pyro ...Pyro leaves/
Brain Drill - Swine Slaughter ... THIS is when Blog Talk radio decided to mess with our files we thought , give us technical difficulties. I thought the song did not sound as originally recorded,
but NOW ,
it sounds okay on the download ...hmmmm] /
dj's /
Carcass, cut off... / dj's. read news and tour dates for rest of show.... {on our headsets the songs & the Spewgore interview had a lot of strange buzzing/ distortion , they were noisy and horrible...}. SPEWGORE INTERVIEW WILL BE PLAYED NEXT WEEK.

07-01-2010 CanadaSpaceMan

yeahhhhhh,happy canada day, yeahhhhhh,I am so happppppppy , yeahhhhhhhhh


07-01-2010 CanadaSpaceMan 2 pm EST
Mike Oldfield - Tubular bells (weird Science soundtrack) /
dj /
Cliff Richards - Devil Woman /
dj / Decimation (Ohio) - Infernal destiny 1988 demo /
Murphy's Law - Beer /
dj /
Kurt Angle - I Don't Suck (Really) /
dj /
Tenacious D - The Government Totally Sucks 2006 The Pick Of Destiny Lp /
Vomit Comet - Death Rock Jam II ,2002 demo /
dj /
EXCEL - "Insecurity" Split Image LP 1987 /
dj /
GBH - too much '86 Midnight madness and beyond" LP /
dj /
Black Flag - slip it in - gimme gimme gimme (live) /
Kinks - Destroyer 1981 Give the people what they want LP .

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

07-01-2010 July 1 canadaspaceman not too happy

07-01-2010 July 1 canadaspaceman not too happy

Length: 1 hr

yay, national holiday? hmmmm..... How about.. I tell you what I seen of Politics. the paranormal. friends. and other fascinating things... or boring things...

The Indy Show 06-30-2010

Theindy Show
you all should check out this weeks show..i had some of the best callers ever..Silky Baines tells us that he aint scared of Showtime..Marius from STEELTOWN..David farmer called in & he was pissed..Scar from IWA-M/S talks all things IWA..Denver Colorado joins us for the first time to talk about the greatness that is AIW..Jeff from ALPH...A 1..
awesome show tonight..thank you everyone for all of your support & helpSee more
The Indy Show
Location: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/theindyshow/2010/07/01/the-indy-show
Time: Wednesday, 30 June 2010 21:00

Thursday, June 24, 2010

radio shows tonight, and tomorrow

1 hr

The G8-G20 is currently happening in Toronto.
Live interview with outspoken, alternative media buff, Keegan Kaos, guitarist from the cult band CRUCIFIXXX SODOMY, and distributor of inexpensive underground music ..

plus we will be blasting some hardcore punk-crossover-thrash metal.... for one hour Tonight,
Thursday June 24th/Friday June 25th, 2010


AJ Maggot and CanadaSpaceman debut on the Indy Show network
6-26-2010 Friday June 25 11pm EST
Saturday June 26 1 pm Sydney Time.

For TWO HOURS ! You will get more metal than in a cage match !

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

upcoming radio shows this week

The Indy Show-Australia goes live at 8pm Sydney time on wednesday nights..click link to listen live..or download after 10pm
THAT is 6 am EST Wednesday for those on the east coast of North America if curious.


False Count Radio
Former WWE, TNA and ROH Star Zach Gowen on False Count Radio Wednesday, June 23.
This Wednesday, June 23, 2010, Zach Gowen will join "The Pacific Coast Player" JT Evans, "Pure Poison" Viper and “The Mid-Atlantic Bad Ass” Damien Wayne of False Count Radio for an interview proudly presented by Wrestlehustle.com.

Zach is a former WWE wrestler, arguably, the most inspirational professional wrestler of all time. Zach is professional wrestling’s only one-legged superstar. Zach has spent time in Juggalo Championship Wrestling, TNA and Ring of Honor in addition to WWE. Recently, Zach has gotten into stunt work for the movies, and he will be in an upcoming movie called War Flowers, starring Christina Ricci. Zach will also talk about some of his upcoming dates, time in rehab and recovery and the recent tragic passing of Trent Acid, among other topics.
Listen live on June 23rd at 8 PM EST at

The Indy Show
A.J.Maggot reports on wrestling events happening for the week.
"The Indy Show..I cover as much live independent local wrestling as I can find..I have local fans,wrestlers,managers,promoters & call in every week..I give details for upcoming live shows in USA,Canada & the UK.."

Canada Spaceman-A.J.Maggot METAL Show will probably be at THIS link now
Friday - midnight / 12 AM Eastern Standard Time/NY time
[Saturday 2 pm Sydney.AUSTRALIA]

Friday, June 18, 2010

Canada Spaceman and A.J.Maggot Kill You with Metal Part 3


06-19-2010 Canada Spaceman and A.J.Maggot Kill You with Metal Part 3....
1 hour 16 minutes 54 seconds (76:54 minutes)

Day Glo Abortions (B.C.,Canada)- "Proud to be a Canadian" 1986 Feed Us A Fetus LP /
Carcass (UK) "Ruptured In Purulence" 1989 Symphonies Of Sickness LP /
dj A.J. Maggot /
DEATH (Florida) "Sacrificial" 1987 Scream Bloody Gore LP /
dj's /
DBC (Montreal) "The Genesis Explosion" 1989 Universe LP /
DAG NASTY (Washington,D.C.) "Simple Minds" Wig Out at Denkos LP /
dj's /
ENTOMBED "Left Hand Path" 1990 Left Hand Path LP /
FAITH NO MORE (US) "Surprise! You're Dead!" 1989 The Real Thing LP /
dj's /
Hallows Eve (US)"Plunging To Megadeath" 1985 Tales Of Terror LP /
Hallows Eve "Lethal Tendencies" 1986 Death & Insanity LP /
Hallows Eve "Speed Freak" 1986 Monument LP 3rd LP /
dj's /
HARD-ONS (AUSTRALIA) "Crazy Crazy Eyes" Too Far Gone LP /
DISCHARGE (UK) "Ignorance" 7inch version off the Never Again 2007 comp /

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Live radio-- the indy show on 2010/ 06/ 17


Thursday, 17 June 2010
11:00 - 13:00

..wednesday 9pm eastern(USA)
..thursday 2am London
..thursday 11am Sydney
The Indy Show..dedicated to smaller wrestling promotions & Independent wrestling..listen live,use the chatroom,free call in with skype,USA dial in number..come on & promote your company..get details for upcoming live wrestling shows..training schools..local wrestlers call in & we chat about whatever..USA,Canada,UK..I cover any promotion,anywhere
CALL..(718) 664 9887..or free with SKYPE


Friday, June 11, 2010

Canada Spaceman and A.J.Maggot Kill You with Metal. Friday midnght EST June 12th,2010

Canada Spaceman and A.J.Maggot Kill You with Metal. Friday midnght EST June 12th,2010

CELTIC FROST (Swiss) 1984 "Morbid Tales" LP title track /
CANCER (UK) 1991 "Hung Drawn And Quartered", Death Shall Rise lp

/ dj's /

CONDEMNED? (AUS) 1986 "Big Time Game Hunting", Humanoid or Biomechanoid? LP / Crumbsuckers (NY) 1985 "Bullshit Society", Life Of Dreams LP

/ dj's /

CANNIBAL CORPSE 1990 "A Skull Full Of Maggots", Eaten Back to Life LP /
THE DAMAGED (AUS) 2001 "Dreggs", Do Not Spit + Passive Backseat Demon Engines lp /

dj's /

DEATH 1987 "Evil Dead" , Scream Bloody Gore LP /
DEATH ANGEL 1987 "Mistress Of Pain" , The UltraViolence LP /
DESECRATORS (UK) 1987 "Ban On Impurity" "Will Evil Win? Flexidisc (Earache records)

/ dj's /

Deicide (USA) 1990 "Deicide" , Deicide LP /
Dan Beehler (EXCITER [Can] drummer,lead vocals) & Lars Ulrich (Metallica) Interview on UK radio , Cancelled Tour 1984

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Canada Spaceman Rides a Comet Alone June 4,2010

A.J didn't make the show,so I sort of stuck to the format,playing many old tunes I dug when growing up.

Canada Spaceman Rides a Comet Alone June 4,2010
1:15 hours.
download - right click and save
1. EDWIN STAR (US) "Twenty Five Miles"(motown classic) 1969 /
2. THE COUP DE GRACE (US) "Burning With Optimism" 1990 LP /
3. CIRCUS OF POWER (NY,US) "In The Wind" Circus Of Power 1988 LP'/
dj /
4. EXODUS (San Francisco)"Hammer and Life" 2010 Exhibit B: The Human Condition LP /
5. BLACK TASK (US) "Sex and Destruction" 1985 12 inch 4 song EP /
6. SLAUGHTER (CAN) "Disnintegrater/Incinerator" january 1985 Bloody Karnage Demo tape /
dj /
7. MALHAVOC (CAN) "Dunwich Horror" 1986 Age Of The Dark Renaissance Demo tape /
8. RAZOR (CAN) "Take This Torch" 1984 Armed and Dangerous mini LP /
9. CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER (US) "Lowlife" 1986 Convicted LP /
10.FATALITY (Toronto,CAN) - "No Use For Living" 2009 Beers From The Grave LP /
dj /
11. DEFIANCE (San Francisco) "Product Of Society" 1989 Product Of Society LP /
12. CRO MAGS (NY,US) "we Gotta Know" 1986 Age of Quarrel LP /
dj + show announcements for Piledriver,and Spewgore /
13. CHEECH AND CHONG "Sgt Stadanko/White World Of Sports/Basketball Jones" 1973 Los Cochinos LP /
14. SLAYER "Born To Be Wild" [Steppenwolf cover song] .
the End. Buh Bye !

Saturday, May 29, 2010

05-30-2010 Canada Spaceman and A.J.Maggot kill you with metal PART 1

I see BlogTalkRadio has been offline for the past 5 hours I think.
Here's a download link for the last show we did.

05-29-2010 Canada Spaceman and A.J.Maggot kill you with metal PART 1.mp3

05-29-2010 Canada Spaceman and A.J.Maggot Kill You with Metal part 1

(off youtube) Danzig+Shakira - Hips Don't Lie mp3 /
ANTHRAX - "Metal Thrashing Mad" 1984 Fistful of Metal LP / dj's/
ARMOROS (BC,Canada) - "Euphoria"- 1988 Pieces unreleased LP/ dj's/
BENEDICTION (UK) - "Subconcious Terror" 1990 Subconscious Terror LP/
/ dj's/
AT WAR (Virgina,US) - "Rapechase"- 1988 Ordered to Kill LP /
ARMORED ANGEL (Australia) - "Crush, Kill, Destroy" 1989 Wings of Death [demo] /
The Italian mp3/ djs /
BOLTHROWER (UK) - "In Battle There is No Law" 1988 In Battle There is No Law lp /
BLIND ILLUSION (San Francisco) - "Bloodshower" 1988 The Sane Asylum LP /dj/
Your dog has urined all over my tree MP3/
BLOODCUM (Los Angeles) "Live to Kill" 1988 Death by a Clothes Hanger LP/
BRUTAL TRUTH "Denial of Truth" 1992 Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses LP /
djs /
CARCASS (UK) " Ruptured In Purulence" Symphonies Of Sickness LP/ djs.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Beer Store will be closed on Monday May 24th. Victoria Day holiday

The Beer Store will be closed on Monday May 24th.


Victoria Day holiday

"Victoria Day (in French: Fête de la Reine), colloquially known as May Long Weekend,[1] May Two-four, May Long,[2] or May Run, is a federal Canadian statutory holiday celebrated on the last Monday before or on 24 May, in honour of both Queen Victoria's birthday and the current reigning Canadian sovereign's official birthday, and is also considered an informal mark of the beginning of the summer season. It has been observed since before Canada was formed, originally falling on the sovereign's actual birthday, and continues to be celebrated in various fashions across the country on the fixed date of the first Monday on or before 24 May. Royal Salutes, or 21-gun salutes, are fired in each provincial capital and in the national capital at noon on Victoria Day to mark the Sovereign's Birthday. However, since the Quiet Revolution in Quebec, the same day was unofficially known in the province as Fête de Dollard until 2003, when provincial legislation officially named the same date as Victoria Day the National Patriots' Day."

Canada Spaceman Friday midnight 05-22-2010
Sudden Impact - 1984 freaked out demo - "gonzo"(Ted Nugent cover)/dj/Sepulchre - " Dust" ,off a 2008 or 2009 demo,myspace track/The Exalted Piledriver-Metal Manifesto cd 2008 -" Last Day of The Weak"/dj/Twilight Hammer- "The Thrashing"(instr) -Orcish Steel cd 2007/ABUSOR (Montreal)- Living Death- Living Death 2008 demo cd/EBS - "porno movie"/EBS- "puberty"-1990 LP/Spewgore - 2008 cd Chipped Teeth Broken Fingers - "Knuckle Sandwich"/dj/Reanimator-"Maximum Overdrive"-2009 Cd Ignorance Is No Excuse/dj/Aggressor- Rape The Willing cd 2008 - "Chopper" / Aggressor -Rape The Willing cd 2008 "Mission
to Mosh"/dj/AT WAR- "R.A.F" (2009) Infidel LP/dj/THE WHO-bootleg 1979 Chicago - "Sister Disco".

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The hippie made me laugh

I haven't bought an issue for years, and got one recently. Figured you would like to see a few pages since there's Canadian content.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Wrestling Randomness SHOOT!


Listen to Wrestling Randomness on Blog Talk Radio

Wrestling Randomness
Call-in Number: (917) 889-2266 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (917) 889-2266

Upcoming Show: 08/05/2010 20:00

Host Name: Wrestling Randomness
Show Name:
The Wrestling >Randomness SHOOT!

Length: 1 hr
The SHOOT is every saturday night at 8 p.m. est. This is your show folks, and we want your opinions and calls. We try and cover all things pro wrestling.

The World Clock – Time Zone Converter

Sunday, May 2, 2010

changes,updates,all that jazz -

" A.j. Maggot wrote on 01 May at 18:13
the RandomIndyWrestling podcast is dead & buried..the new show..The Indy Show..will be back in 2/3 weeks,bigger,badder,better..stay tuned for details "

The Indy Show on facebook

Lance Storm's Wrestling training centre

Missionary welcomed Adam Bomb and A.J. Maggot to Wrestling Soup
"Amazing Kong vs Bubba The Love Sponge" April, 29th, 2010
78 minutes

....and,as for me..... I do other silly things on the internet.
When I get a new computer, maybe I'll try my hand at a radio show again. Been sort of too busy with listening to lots of metal and Zeppelin bootlegs, and watching old TV series and movies.
But from the wrestling radio show podcasts I have heard, it doesn't sound like I have missed anything too great in the past month.

I haven't logged in as much, but you can catch me sometimes on
Wrestling Randomness
and for a good hearty laugh, (besides the radio shows from those 2 sites), check out the Chay Lites,it's only 5 or 10 minutes ever week or two, but worth watching


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

AJ Maggot's new show "RandomIndyWrestling-Podcast"

Upcoming Show:
Wednesday 3/17/2010
8:00 PM NY/Montreal time/Eastern Time


Upcoming Show: 3/17/2010 8:00 PM

Host Name: Jason Massey (from Wrestling Randomness)

Length: 1 hr 30 min


introduction for the newest show from WrestlingRandomness.com
we will talk indy wrestling from ROH,PWG,Dragongate,Chikara,NJAP & indy wrestling from all over the globe..join A.J.MAGGOT & his random co-hosts..

Friday, February 26, 2010

sat Night 02-27-2010

it's 10'55 pm EST here.
It snowed a LOT the last day again, after a week I guess. My neck has been killing me. I hoped asshole drivers died on the road.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

This boot had to be worn

When i broke my foot/ankle one winter, when I had brittle bones, I had to wear this for a few months.
Looks kind of cool like KISS Ace Frehley boots eh?
But awkward to walk in, sort of like how Ace's was I guess, but his was inclined I think.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

CHILL,October/November 2009 - Lingerie Football, excercise tips, AND Rottweilers (the coolest dogs besides Huskies,German Shepherds and Dobermans!)

yah, no radio show

1) wasn't in the mood, was feeling sick
2) did not have a"planned" show... if it was years ago when I did drugs, the it would not have mattered as it still would have ruled.

Don't let anybody LIE to you - hash and weed DO increase your creativity, since I quit over 5 years at least, I almost never play guitar anymore

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Spaceman Debut

Spaceman Debut
BlogTalkRadio show
Call-in Number: (347) 989-0588
Upcoming Show: 2/5/2010 11:00 PM astern Standard Time (NY/Montreal time)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Will I be going to Jersey to take on somebody?

I, apparently in my drunken ramblings, made threats against a Mr.Chay Lopez maybe, or was it everybody there a week ago ? 01-09-2010 The Wrestling Randomness SHOOT! BTR.mp3

BUT thinking about it now, considering I have zero experience in the ring, it may be a not very good match, as I might be as good as these guys, --
fast forward to 2:15 minutes

Raising the Bar: Episode 1

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Trish Stratus CHILL magazine December 2008 January 2009

problems, headaches, wars,in-fighting, and not just TNA and WWE, but Sandstorm7 and Wrestling Randomness too

Lots of stuff happening, but then again, everything is dragging along as always.

Having connection problems.... it seems it may not be my computer giving me problems for uploading, but maybe my ISP or line... will get it checked out.

I'm glad the Monday Night Wars are back, TNA and WWE can only get better, or at least TNA will probably stay great, and WWE's RAW will still suck for most of their programs, with every other one being kind of good, and sometimes they give us an awesome one.
In other words, RAW will still stay hit or miss.
Example - Brett Hart's return was cool, but most of the show wasn't that great when I watched it again.
Last Monday it was Mike Tyson, and I'm not a fan of his. Guess what? that RAW was pretty damn good, Miz and MVP cut amazing promos on each other for one thing. The WHOLE show was great, I just didn't like the finish, the swerve where Tyson bails on his tag partner Chris Jericho and rejoins DX for the end and to let them win.
Maybe everybody else loved it, not me ...meh.

Still ECW and Superstars are THE shows for WWE, even though they keep messing with the ECW brand every 3 months once everybody is really starting to cook.

Some friends who had a falling out a few months ago, and things cooled down, and then were sort of forgotten, well.... all was tried to be forgotten for the New Year.
I even said I hoped it was all over.
Nope, one guy brought up the past and made some digs and that sparked it off again.
ah , fuck it, let's use names.
The Wrestling Randomness guys and A.J. Maggot who felt they been attacked on Sandstorm7's two new comeback shows (on blogtalk radio, and talkshoe) in January, called in last night,Friday.
They wanted answers, they were hot,they wanted to defend themselves against what he said, and so, Sandstorm felt it was an ambush, and did not want to talk about what he said on the previous shows, and then hung up o them, and blocked them from being on-air any further.

If you know which wrestling internet radio personalities I am talking about (probably the only 2 or 3 of you who visit here, hahaha), it's probably going to get all insulting again.
If you speak on radio, you can be called on to answer for what you said, that's why I don't have my own radio show. I don't like calling in too often either to shows of friends/acquaintances, as I may be too blunt, and easily insult somebody without thinking first... probably because I'm having a beer while on the phone. I don't like talking to people as much like I did when I was younger. Only sometimes.
I can go a week or more easily without speaking one word.I've done it for way longer than that. It's easy now.

anyways, today. Saturday January 16th, there will probably be a Wrestling Randomness roundtable radio show or a Wrestling Randomness Shoot!, as there are things that weren't said last night.

Ok, so..... on that note, check out two cool sites
http://www.wrestlingrandomness.com, and the WR podcasts, and live blogtalk shows every other Saturday night.