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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christian Metal Fellowship - Compilations

Various Artists - Christian Metal Fellowship - Compilation Volume I (2008) 

orignally uploaded by heavymetalcristiano.blogspot
Thanks to the original uploader

1 hour 4 minutes 18 seconds

1. Vanguard - March of Malus (1:57)
2. Sorrowstorm - Onward (4:43)
3. Amplified - Determined To Desire (7:10)
4. Rehumanize - Prayer Unto Holiness (1:49)
5. Vikarbyrgi - The Alpha and the Omega (3:59)
6. Borgazur - Prognostication Of Victorious Travail (7:37)
7. Vanguard - Hands of Fate (3:55)
8. Grave Declaration - Your Beauty Embraced (7:45)
9. Wintersoul - Dawn Of The Ice Hearts (3:56)
10. Encryptor - He Was Beheaded (4:33)
11. Veracious - Hunted by the Flesh (5:31)
12. Whisper from Heaven - Falling Like Ashes (7:20)
13. Northern Ash - The Age Of Irrationality (4:03)

VA - Christian Metal Fellowship [Compilation] Volume II 2009

1 hour 18 minutes 10 seconds

01. Ecthirion - Immortality (5:14)
02. A Hill To Die Upon - Prometheus Rebound (4:23)
03. Élan - Empty Apparitions (Exclusive) (3:42)
04. Dark Lay Still - Through Hell (4:26)
05. Blood Drift - Winds Of Persecution (4:37)
06. Not Under Sin - Obsesion Traiciony Delirio (3:21)
07. Erasmus - Nausea (Exclusive) (4:25)
08. Northern Ash - The Accusers' Decree (3:34)
09. Monotheist - Altar Of Vanity (5:04)
10. Winters Dawn - Cry Of The Fallen (7:40)
11. Rehumanize - Human Quicksand (3:03)
12. Gondolin - Awakening To New Lands (7:45)
13. Nephesh - Tormentors Of Sin (3:40)
14. Vikarbyrgi - An End To Duality (Demo) (5:40)
15. Firethrone - Holocaustfirestorm (3:16)
16. In Grief - In The End (8:20)
@ vbr (approx 320)

Record Label:Sullen Records
Status: closed
Parent label: Open Grave Records (USA, run by the ripoff "deathvalley Jim", who also ran Divine Metal Distro, and also out of business.)

Friday, December 26, 2014



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Published on Nov 12, 2014

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Holocaust - Heavy Metal Mania

Probably the BEST heavy metal / rocking song EVER !

NOTE:This isn't from the live LP,  Live (Hot Curry & Wine) - but you should GET IT !

Hangover cures

FIRST THING - have another damn drink when you wake up if that is possible!

tomato juice, or V8 vegetable juice

grapefruit juice (to replenish your electrolytes)

colloidal silver ( put some drops in a glass of water)


was too bummed out yesterday. Many were "excited" as Christmas was nearly here.

Being a long hair wearing a denim jacket brings about different feelings, especially in others.
1 - bus drivers sometimes drive by without stopping to pick you up, [they must have got tips from the assholes that work for the TTC ].
2-but some bus drivers or even vehicle drivers passing by, I see will look happy. Could be the Led Zep sew-on patch.
I will guess they are also glad because I refuse to be an effeminate looking metrosexual or one of these emo rock queers that have plagued us for like 15 years.
3 - people leave me alone, but some gawk. "WHO is this guy??"
4- underage chicks trying to look cool, but their smoking cigarettes is a turnoff for me. Plus I am old enough to know how I would feel if I was their father, and that they should know better.
5 - I have a headache. now go look at another site

 when checking my mailbox, still see my fucking Skullfist records have not showed up. Will have to check if VISA got my money back from PayPal as I made a complaint a couple weeks ago nothing has showed up!

Sunday, December 21, 2014


Pretty Cool psychedelic rock-metal. Just discovered it. Listen to it first before you buy it.

listen here-

info here-

available only as digital files at bandcamp link above, or vinyl LP. here - http://earlyman.storenvy.com/collections/71892-music/products/1152690-spirit-seed-deep-in-the-weeds-3-colored-vinyl-12

free download
give your email address. No idea how long the free offer will last.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Terror (USA)

Terror (USA) (1997) Hijos de los Cometas (Full-length)  
Translation Title: Sons of the Comets
Thrash Metal
Label:Culebro Records

Follow-up of Evildead with mostly Spanish lyrics. All members are Mexicans or Mexican-American.


Karlos Medina : Vocals, Bass (EvilDead, Agent Steel)
Dan Flores : Guitar (EvilDead)
Juan Garcia : Guitar (EvilDead, Agent Steel, Pontius Prophet, Obscene Gesture, Abattoir, Killing Machine)
Rigo Amezcua : Drums (Agent Steel)

Tracklist 1990:
1. Libertad
2. Numeros Cientificos
3. Revolucion
4. Dia de los Muertos
5. Sierra Madre
6. El Viento
7. Hijos de los Cometas
8. Justicia Ciega
9. Ceremonia Mundial
10. Hipnotismo
11. Alarma
12. Freedom Town
13. Immortal
14. Humano


DEMOLITION (UK) - Wrecking Crew - The Demolition Anthology (UK-1981)
Demolition(UK) - Wrecking Crew [Compilation] (2006)

Country: United Kingdom
Location: Birmingham, England

Tracks 1 & 2 form the 1981 7" Single "Hooker Hater".
Tracks 3-7 are from a demo session.
Tracks 8-19 are live recordings from a concert at Kidderminster in 1981.

1.    Hooker Hater   
2.    Axeman   
3.    My Direction   
4.    On Top Of The World   
5.    No   
6.    Hustlin' Around   
7.    Hooker Hater   
8.    Axeman   
9.    Colours On   
10.    Roadie   
11.    On Top Of The World   
12.    Shining   
13.    XOC 116   
14.    Walking   
15.    Hooker Hater   
16.    Alcatraz   
17.    Rock Bottom   
18.    No Time To Die   
19.    Down In Hell
Bitrate:  @  192  kbps

IF you love the first riff-laden debut albun by TYGERS OF PAN TANG, you will want to listen to this one too!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Jeff Hanneman Demos


The CD is still for sale, but the vinyl might be sold out as that was very limited.
Check discogs if you can afford to spend a lot of money.

I am curious what the CD booklet looks like, as the included insert (a little large than a 10"LP-sized page, that folds out) has the elaborate info about this album, printed in very tiny fonts!

"Jeff Hanneman solo project demo recordings never heard or released in their entirety elsewhere. The audio came straight from Jeff's original tape and has been professionally mastered & manufactured for this fan club CD. Comes with a 6-page fold-out booklet featuring an extensive essay, liner notes for each track, a killer Hanneman photo collage with a ton of never before seen shots, original Slayer-esque artwork as well as recreated vintage Slayer artwork associated with early 80's flyers, letterheads, etc. As stated in the essay:

This release is an homage and curation of material that has taken years and countless hours to create, to pay respect to an artist and individual responsible for changing the face of Metal, and music in general."

IF you go to -
you can download for free
Thanks to the original uploader!

Slayer (1985) Seeds Of Horror The Jeff Hanneman Demos (2013 release)
01 – Angel Of Death
02 – Seeds Of Horror
03 – Raining Blood
04 – South Of Heaven
05 – Spill The Blood
06 – untitled (213)
07 – untitled
08 – untitled
09 – Living Just To Die
10 – DDAMM
11 – Abretions Asshole
12 – Can’t Stand You

Format: MP3 211 kbps
Size: 67 Mb


Format: FLAC
Size:176 MB

The sound quality will be too crappy for all of you that only like studio albums with crystal-clear 24 track production,
These tracks were taken from ancient home-made demo tapes done by SLAYER's guitarist http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeff_Hanneman and can sound muddy at times.

 "In 1984, Hanneman, Lombardo and Suicidal Tendencies guitarist Rocky George had a brief hardcore punk side project called "Pap Smear" - the band had many tracks and was due to start recording when Hanneman was advised to avoid the side project by Slayer's producer, Rick Rubin, who is quoted as saying "Ahhhh, don’t do it, man — this is the kind of thing that breaks bands up!"[1] and Hanneman took Rubin's advice. 

Only a demo was recorded, consisting of Hanneman on vocals and bass, Lombardo on drums and George on guitar. Later two of the songs were re-recorded on Slayer's 1996 album Undisputed Attitude.[1] "

The song " Living Just To Die" sounds a LOT like the demos by THE CRUCIFIED during their Minor Threat / D.R.I.-inspired days.
Here is a YouTube video, with a of a much poorer  tape-rip, to give you an idea.
IF you can handle that noisy mayhem, then listen to the album.

Thursday, December 11, 2014


Found yet ANOTHER new band that bangs hard and heavy and makes me want to own their record!
Debut album of the Female fronted True Heavy Metal band from Kentucky, USA was recently released.
Stacey Savage the chick singer fronting SAVAGE MASTER, and the overall band's riffing and beats, remind me a LOT of classic, gritty Judas Priest from the late 1970s.
Even though I sort of gave up on Judas Priest a long time ago because honestly, it bugs the heck out of me that Halford is a fruitcake. Still, occasionally , just can't help myself and blast loud their great pre-1985 albums.

SAVAGE MASTER formed in October 2013 by members:
Adam Neal - Guitar, Stacey Savage - Vocals

SAVAGE MASTER (US) - Mask of the Devil LP (2014). Ván Records,Germany.
The vinyl looks like it might be costly to order to/buy in the USA and Canada, which sucks, as I prefer vinyl.
The CD is also Limited, to 1000 copies?

SAVAGE MASTER "Death Rides The Highway" (OFFICIAL)

Savage Master~The New Vintage~May 24th 2014 concert

huge thanks to the uploaders of the videos

Hour of 13

Hour of 13 (USA) (2007) Hour of 13 [debut full-length album]

42 minutes 49 seconds
1. Call To Satan (4:35)
2. Submissive To Evil (5:25)
3. The Correalation (5:43)
4. Endurement To The Heirs Of Shame (5:53)
5. Grim Reality (3:27)
6. Hex Of Harm (4:29)
7. Allowance Of Sin (5:17)
8. Missing Girl (8:00)
Hour Of 13 (USA) (2010) The Ritualist [2nd full-length album]
48 minutes 17 seconds
1. The Gathering (2:08)
2. The Ritualist (6:11)
3. Naked Star (5:06)
4. Demons All Around Me (6:25)
5. Possession (5:24)
6. Soldiers Of Satan (6:27)
7. Evil Inside (7:40)
8. The Crawlspace (8:56)

Thanks to the original uploaders !



BUY their albums from -

Hour of 13 from Hickory, North Carolina, USA

Lyrics are about Satanism, Magic, Sorcery, Evil.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Tom Araya {Slayer} looks that kill

Rehearsal clip from Nov 1983
w/Tom Araya on vocals
Dimitri Galeos & John Araya on Guitar
Al Messi on Bass
& Jake Alvarado on drums.

Thanks to Dimitri Galeos for uploading


Rampage (US) - 1999  - Bellum Infinitum

1 hour 8 minutes 28 seconds

1. Up from the Depths / Rainbow Skies (6:28)
2. Sisters of Death (6:51)
3. Storm over Avalon (4:13)
4. The Wakening / Soulsword (10:13)
5. Excalibur (3:00)
6. Nemesis (8:10)
7. The Vow (3:29)
8. The Final Day / Into the Great Beyond / Orbis Tertius (13:47)
9. War Machine (3:54)(KISS cover)
10. In the Shadow of the Horns (8:23)(Darkthrone cover)


Loop (1990) A Gilded Eternity
alternative rock band

1 hour 16 minutes 10 seconds

1. Vapour (6:34)
2. Afterglow (5:07)
3. The Nail Will Burn (7:16)
4. Blood (8:34)
5. Breathe Into Me (4:37)
6. From Centre To Wave (8:02)
7. Be Here Now (14:04)
8. The Shot With A Diamond (8:22)
9. The Nail Will Burn (Burn Out) (6:31)
10. Arc-Lite (Sonar) (7:03)


Thanks to the original uploader

Electro Hippies

Electro Hippies (UK) - Play Fast or Die EP (1989)
Necrosis Records
Style: Crust punk/HC/Thrashcore/Proto-Grindcore
Guitar and vocals - Jeff Walker (pre-Carcass).
Drums – Simon
Guitar – Andy   
Originally released as a split LP (with Generic) in 1987.
Recorded and mixed on 14/15 July 1986 at Sound Projects Wigan.
14 minutes 24 seconds
1. Intro (Wrath of Michael) (0:14)
2. Acid rain (1:52)
3. Run Ronald (0:44)
4. Wings of Death (0:48)
5. Terroreyes (2:29)
6. Theme toon (Frash it out) (1:07)
7. Am I Punk Yet?  (1:06)
8. The Reaper (2:56)
9. Next Time (1:11)
10. Vivisection Song (0:47)
11. Profit from Death (1:03)
12. Mega-Armageddon Death (Part 3)(0:03)
13. The horns of Hades (0:04)

Thanks to the original uploader

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

MX Machine

MX Machine

woman yells at an author with a tell-all book on a KISS member

One of the first "heavy" bands, if not the VERY first hard rock band I ever liked was KISS.
Their 1970s albums, and exposure in Tiger Beat and 16 and all the other teen pop/rock magazines back in the day were a good escape besides comic books.

The further you get into discovering a band you really dig, you end up in the zone of books and magazines - you learn the band's and musicians' history - musical and private and the people that surround them.
Some of the biographical info you will learn you won't know if it is true or false, or speculating gossip.

Now with the internet, you can even HEAR.
Months ago I read  http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/ace-frehley-announces-lineup-of-his-touring-band/ , and in the section below it, one posted the comment
"Rachael Gordon (Better than the Tube Bar, Jerky Boys, Alec Baldwin phone calls) on YouTube"

A googlesearch later and found it.

Years ago, when I was reading about another one of my fave bands that was on the Casablanca Records label, ANGEL ,  and

Gordon G.G. Gebert,  was on the keyboards for their reunion instead of Greg Giuffria.

The more I started for info on Gebert, there were nasty comments on music forums that he ripped off Ace Frehley and his fanclub members.
I have no idea if that is true.

But here is a phonecall from somebidy that is in the camp that doesn't trust him.

Baby Boomer rock music needs to die

Baby Boomer rock music needs to die

by Brett Stevens
December 6, 2014
"Every generation lives as a continuation of what came before, but people today live in the shadow of the 1960s. Our culture, politics and society all changed during that time and we have not changed it back or found anything different. So we circle, repeating the same tired tropes as if they were new or insightful.

The music industry lives in thrall to The Beatles. Those lads were their biggest success, both breaking out rock as a mainstream product, and utterly dominating the charts to this day. Whenever they can, they praise The Beatles.

We are all in the thrall of journalists who like anything that sounds like The Beatles and other 1960s rock despite that music being relevant fifty years ago. From the top down, the whole industry wanks on the bands that were hip then. If you want to get ahead, you have to mention The Beatles at least once in your interviews.

Even though Baby Boomers are now decrepit and old in the “get off my lawn” years, they still want to control us with the image of their music. That image is: no one was better than the 1960s rockers, no one was a bigger rebel than us, and nothing better will ever be made. This nonsense needs to end even if violence must be employed for that purpose."
read all of it at - http://www.deathmetal.org/news/baby-boomer-rock-music-needs-to-die/
I understand the hate for "classic rock", but since I grew up on it, and was burnt by buying records in the 1980s and 1990s that had only ONE good song on an LP, unlike 1960s and 70s albums, who do you think I would side with?

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Living Sacrifice

Living Sacrifice - 1991 - Living Sacrifice
44 minutes 38 seconds
01 Violence (3:14)
02 Internal Unrest (5:25)
03 Second Death (3:52)
04 Obstruction (5:31)
05 Walls of Separation (4:15)
06 Phargx Imas (3:55)
07 No Grave Concern (4:46)
08 Dealing With Ignorance (5:14)
09 The Prodigal (3:44)
10 Anorexia Spiritual (4:42)

Living Sacrifice - 1991 - Living Sacrifice (Steinhaus Remaster) 2011
43 minutes 58 seconds
1. Violence (3:10)
2. Internal Unrest (5:21)
3. Second Death (3:52)
4. Obstruction (5:28)
5. Walls Of Separation (4:11)
6. Phargx Imas (3:50)
7. No Grave Concern (4:41)
8. Dealing With Ignorance (5:06)
9. The Prodigal (3:40)
10. Anorexia Spiritual (4:39)

The debut album by this Christian thrash metal band was both loved and hated at the same tine.
One reason was because they are Christians.
The other reason was it was heavily influenced by SLAYER (and called a ripoff / clone band !)

For fans of Slayer's albums  Reign in Blood , South of Heaven , and Seasons in the Abyss.

Terry Reid


Yardbirds guitarist Jimmy Page became interested in Reid's work, and when The Yardbirds disbanded, Page wanted Reid to fill the vocalist spot for his proposed new group, the New Yardbirds, which was to become Led Zeppelin. Reid had already committed to go on the road with Cream (as an opening act on the 1968 US Tour). So he suggested to Page that he consider a young Birmingham based singer, Robert Plant, instead, having previously seen Plant's Band of Joy as a support act at one of his concerts. Reid later was offered a position as a member of Deep Purple when they decided to replace singer Rod Evans, but once again, he declined due to contractual agreements. Ian Gillan was given the position instead.

Terry Reid  - Just a Rock'n'Roller (compilation)

1 hour 18 minutes 5 seconds

1. The Hand Don't Fit In The Glove (Single A Side) (2:56)
2. Better By Far (3:30)
3. Bang, Bang (My Baby Shot Me Do (4:17)
4. Season Of The Witch (10:11)
5. Loving Time (3:42)
6. Marking Time (3:47)
7. Highway 61 Revisited (4:27)
8. Dean (4:45)
9. Dream (5:20)
10. Ooh Baby (3:57)
11. The Way You Walk (4:43)
12. The Frame (4:37)
13. Fooling You (7:21)
14. Stop And Think It Over (3:40)
15. Believe In Magic (6:32)
16. Gimme Some Lovin' (4:20)


Thanks to the original uploader !

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Today I got in the mail...

the ORDER FROM CHAOS "FROZEN IN STEEL" Diehard Edition (12 x LP) Boxset.
(Don't be a hater or jealous. You also can Put yourself into debt and buy your own copy too!)

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Norm MacDonald 2006 Ridiculous

@ wma 128

RKL Rich Kids on LSD

RKL (1987) Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare

Rich Kids on LSD

45 minutes 58 seconds

1. Scab on My Brain (3:22)
2. Meltdown (2:00)
4. Catch Your Breath (3:45)
5. Seein' You (2:42)
6. Lay Your Weapons Down (1:03)
7. Coming Home (2:30)
8. Sargasm (2:44)
9. Break the Camels Back (4:57)
10. Blocked Out (5:00)
11. Tribute to the Jester (4:03)
12. Rock & Roll Nightmare (3:15)
13. Alone Inside (1:53)
14. One Light, One Mind (2:22)
15. Find a Way (2:51)




UNSEEN TERROR 1987 Human Error

36 minutes 15 seconds

1. Unseen Terror (3:37)
2. Oblivion Descents (2:23)
3. Divisions (1:53)
4. Death Sentence (2:22)
5. Nermal (0:15)
6. Ignorant Scene (1:42)
7. Uninformed (2:05)
8. Expulsions Of Wrath (1:47)
9. Garfield For President (0:46)
10. Burned Beyond Recognition (1:22)
11. Winds Of Pestilence (1:28)
12. Hysteria (1:44)
13. In A Shallow Grave (1:01)
14. Odie's Revenge (0:18)
15. Deliverance (2:23)
16. The End Product (2:23)
17. To Live & Learn (1:38)
18. Charred Remains (1:21)
19. Beyond Eternity (3:29)
20. Garfield Strikes Again (2:18)