What happens when a website says "not available for viewing in your country" ? maybe illegal downloading increases ?

Friday, October 31, 2014

RE: Kool-aid ! Oh Yeah ! (Oh No !)


it is supposed to SNOW today, for Halloween,
and the weekend here ??
it has been getting cold enough lately....

I don't care.

 I  like snow.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Look at what I have been working on for the past few weeks

SLAUGHTER backpatch on my denim jacket

metal jacket

You know what I learned?
I wish I never gave away my mother's sewing machine.
Hand sewing kind of sucks...at first...but better to keep busy when listening to tunes than sit around and drink (or think about drinking).

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fat Pizza Vs Housos - coming 27 November 2014 (Australia)

Fat Pizza Vs Housos
Been waiting and waiting for this one !!!

Last year or two years ago,
I discovered the wild and crazy comedy show PIZZA, and its creator , a party animal from Malta living in Australia named Paul Fenech was responsible for a bunch of related TV shows.
Canada might have the Trailer Park Boys, but the Aussies have their nuts and scumbags too!

Check YouTube, or download the torrents, of these vulgar shows, you will either love them or hate them !
2014 Bogan Hunters
2012 Housos vs. Authority the movie

2011–present Housos
2008–2011 Swift and Shift Couriers

2003 Fat Pizza the movie 
2000 – 2007 Pizza (TV series)

Wish one of these TV series was still running.
One of the last times I talked with my Aussie pal A.J. Maggot awhile ago when I still had skype working, he said wasn't a fan of Housos and gave the impression that many folks over there are embarrassed about it or hate it or something, and that is also what I have read in some comments here and there on the internet
The TV networks there didn't even want to broadcast the shows I think???

I don't care, somebody, somewhere, better show me more of Shazza Jones !!! NOW !!
Swift & Shift Couriers Season 2 Episode 1

Did I mention that ROSE TATOO singer Angry Anderson is an actor on HOUSOS as a biker, and worked at Swift & Shift Couriers??!! Whooo !

Monday, October 27, 2014


Bulletbelt - (2014) Rise Of The Banshee
39 minutes 54 seconds

1. Death Tinted Red (7:27)
2. Murderer's Collar (4:42)
3. Sniper (3:19)
4. Minnie Dean (4:34)
5. Deathgasm (4:19)
6. Tarawera (Burnt Spear) (3:32)
7. Numbered Tomb (5:42)
8. Black Banshee (6:19)

from Wellington, New Zealand
Genre  -   Black Metal

Ross Mallon
Steve Francis
Tim Mekalick
Ryan O'Leary
Jolene Tempest


I haven't bought any new music for a very long time, (besides that WICKED STEP vinyl) since I have a lot yet to hear (physical products - tapes, vinyl, cd's, or downloads I have grabbed).

THIS band though, BULLETBELT, made me spend a little last month and ordered their new album (their third), and patches. Personally, I think CD's and LP's and tapes SHOULD BE as cheap as possible because ONLY if a band is any good, then real fans will buy more merchandise/support them further.

Yes, sort of rare for me to get very excited like a teenager again for any new metal.
I ENJOY metal a lot, but not too much anymore makes me turn my head and go "WHOAH ! TOTALLY AWESOME!" because of the overload of music released these days.

I already had Bulletbelt's first 2 CD's, "The Black Army Stands EP" (2010), and "Down In The Cold Of The Grave" (Full-length album) (2012), and was impressed a LOT,
but the new songs are even MORE killer.

At first, didn't even know the cruel vocals were now by a chick (Jolene).
She is consistently, and convincingly, scary sounding (and if you see her photos, it fits.
.....You have to look closely).
The band lineup has changed, and sounds like they have sharpened their focus.
Every song is full of catchy rhythms and riffs.
This is ripping blackened thrash metal, or thrashy black metal, whatever you want to label it.
Reminds me of black metal bands from the 1990s, just can't place it right now.
Listen to it on YouTube or bandcamp.
I didn't include a free upload.
Easy enough to find if you know how to googlesearch.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

WICKED STEP vinyl LP - Now available for purchase from Texas Metal Underground

WICKED STEP - 'The Harder The Better' - Demos 1976-1979

"Bridging the musical gap between 70's Hard Rock and the burgeoning Heavy Metal sounds of the early 80's, Wicked Step played an integral role in San Antonio earning its reputation as the Rockin' Capital Of Texas. In a time when Disco and Yacht Rock dominated the airwaves, Wicked Step stood tall in delivering no-frills, ass-kicking Rock N' Roll. Taking cues from their heroes Black Sabbath, Jimi Hendrix, Judas Priest, and Frank Marino - Wicked Step was a staple in the biker clubs, neighborhood bars, backyard parties, and guerrilla-style empty lot gigs. If Rock at high volume was needed, Wicked Step was always there to provide. ”

TMU RECORDS proudly presents another rare Texas gem on colored 12" vinyl - accompanied by a 16-page full-color 6"x6" booklet with rare photos and extensive interview with founding bandmembers. Bonus 11” x 17” oversize gig-poster reproduction included with every order.

Standard Edition: 12" opaque OXBLOOD vinyl, 16-page full color booklet, custom artwork, bonus 11" x 17" oversize gig-poster reproduction.
Collectors Edition: 12" splatter YELLOW / RED / ORANGE vinyl, 16-page full color booklet, custom artwork, pin-back button, sticker, bonus 11" x 17" oversize gig-poster reproduction. Limited 100
TMU Exclusive Edition: 12" translucent BEER colored vinyl, 16-page full color booklet, custom artwork, bonus 11" x 17" oversize gig-poster reproduction. Limited 100

Song samples / purchasing info available here: http://tinyurl.com/TMURECORDS
Stream full track here: http://youtu.be/ZFexUdrqnEU?list=UUJPGyNhZGnyAsAkoAtVhMFw

Send any questions or wholesale inquiries to: admin@tmurecords.com

Thanks for your time and consideration.

Scott F.


I ALWAYS buy TMU releases because they have reasonable prices (compared to OTHER record labels also with "limited" quantities), and are excellent quality in packaging (and shipping)!
Will add a small review here later, after I listen to the record.
- canadaspaceman

Friday, October 17, 2014

Host your own SWEARNET: THE MOVIE screening

the craziest, dirtiest speaking, screech drinking (no , wait, what's that particular swill they make and call liquor?), loudest Canadians are back!
Did not even know about this movie until 5 minutes ago because I was watching that guy in his basement play along with the live version of Spirit of Radio on Freaks and Geeks instead of Bubbles playing with the band on Closer to the Heart.



Recently watched their Live in Fuckin' Dublin special/concert thing.
You HAVE to be a Trailer Park Boys fans to sit through it, because a bunch of the time they are just fucking around.
It looks like not everything was planned compared to the TV series.
The movie BEFORE THAT though was brilliant,  so go see Trailer Park Boys: Don't Legalize It (2014)

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

"Why are Armenians eating LASAGNA?!"

"Why are Armenians eating LASAGNA?!"
- "Les
WKRP in Cincinnati: Season 2, Episode 6 Carlson for President (5 Nov. 1979) 

I DON'T CARE Mr. Nessman, I do not care.
Now everybody look at a super-hot actress who is 1/2 Armenian,
That is all.
Adrienne Barbeau

besides her being the main reason I liked the MAUDE tv show (OK, pretty much the only reason besides the funny neighbor played by Conrad Bain ,  I WISHED I was her student in The Twilight Zone 1985 Episode: "Teacher's Aide" !
I doubt I am not the only guy that would have done ANYTHING she demanded. Va-Va-Va-Voom!