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Monday, October 27, 2014


Bulletbelt - (2014) Rise Of The Banshee
39 minutes 54 seconds

1. Death Tinted Red (7:27)
2. Murderer's Collar (4:42)
3. Sniper (3:19)
4. Minnie Dean (4:34)
5. Deathgasm (4:19)
6. Tarawera (Burnt Spear) (3:32)
7. Numbered Tomb (5:42)
8. Black Banshee (6:19)

from Wellington, New Zealand
Genre  -   Black Metal

Ross Mallon
Steve Francis
Tim Mekalick
Ryan O'Leary
Jolene Tempest


I haven't bought any new music for a very long time, (besides that WICKED STEP vinyl) since I have a lot yet to hear (physical products - tapes, vinyl, cd's, or downloads I have grabbed).

THIS band though, BULLETBELT, made me spend a little last month and ordered their new album (their third), and patches. Personally, I think CD's and LP's and tapes SHOULD BE as cheap as possible because ONLY if a band is any good, then real fans will buy more merchandise/support them further.

Yes, sort of rare for me to get very excited like a teenager again for any new metal.
I ENJOY metal a lot, but not too much anymore makes me turn my head and go "WHOAH ! TOTALLY AWESOME!" because of the overload of music released these days.

I already had Bulletbelt's first 2 CD's, "The Black Army Stands EP" (2010), and "Down In The Cold Of The Grave" (Full-length album) (2012), and was impressed a LOT,
but the new songs are even MORE killer.

At first, didn't even know the cruel vocals were now by a chick (Jolene).
She is consistently, and convincingly, scary sounding (and if you see her photos, it fits.
.....You have to look closely).
The band lineup has changed, and sounds like they have sharpened their focus.
Every song is full of catchy rhythms and riffs.
This is ripping blackened thrash metal, or thrashy black metal, whatever you want to label it.
Reminds me of black metal bands from the 1990s, just can't place it right now.
Listen to it on YouTube or bandcamp.
I didn't include a free upload.
Easy enough to find if you know how to googlesearch.

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