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Friday, July 24, 2015

2000, Sept.9th, ECW fan cam, final TNN taping in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

for the info on the matches,
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Title: ECW Fan Cam - ECW Invades Canada Sept 9,2000 Hershey Centre,Mississauga, Ontario
TIME: 2hrs 30min
FORMAT: DoubleDVD-Master

1. Psicosis vs Julio Dinero 
2. Diamond & Swinger vs Joey Matthews & Christian York
3. FBI vs Danny Doring & Road Kill
4. Nova vs Chris Hamrick
5. Balls Mahoney & Chilly Wlly vs The Baldies
6. Kid Kash vs Mikey Whipreck
7. (ECW TV Championship) Kid Kash vs Rhino
8. Rob Van Dam vs CW Anderson
9. (ECW Championship) Justin Credible vs Steve COrino vs Jerry Lynn

ECW receives a roar of approval  By BOB KAPUR -- For SLAM! Wrestling



With a friend, we attended the first (and last) visit by the original ECW organization.
The ticket for general admission cost $32.25 (Canadian!) +, plus the service charge+tax.

Until I finally got to watch this recently (and I have been wanting to see it pretty bad for over 15 years!), I forgot how packed the place was back then, as even Americans traveled up here, to witness it.

The video is filmed by one of the men standing around the wrestling ring, and there are choppy edits between wrestlers' entrances and matches.

I was told  2 weeks later, a mutual friend The Beast From the East (no, not the real Bam Bam Bigelow, but the dude's nickname / IRC chat handle),
that only ONE match was televised on the ECW on TNN broadcast the next week.

You can order a DVD copy  from
 or a bigger set,  from

(I ASSUME it is the same video? There were probably 2 or 3 or 4 video-cameras rolling the entire time).

2000 09 09 ecw fan cam final tnn taping toronto.avi

948 MB
2:20 hours long

width-512 pixels
height-384 pixels
audio-111 kbps

Thanks to original uploader.

Get it and Enjoy


I have some photos too, but they are not handy right now.
Plus, I need to make sure I have permission by the dude who snapped them.
here's a snapshot using VLC Player...
. if I had the actual dvd, could get a much clearer screenshot.
Undecided f I will buy a copy.

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