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Friday, July 24, 2015

2000, Sept.9th, ECW fan cam, final TNN taping in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

for the info on the matches,
Thanks to:

Title: ECW Fan Cam - ECW Invades Canada Sept 9,2000 Hershey Centre,Mississauga, Ontario
TIME: 2hrs 30min
FORMAT: DoubleDVD-Master

1. Psicosis vs Julio Dinero 
2. Diamond & Swinger vs Joey Matthews & Christian York
3. FBI vs Danny Doring & Road Kill
4. Nova vs Chris Hamrick
5. Balls Mahoney & Chilly Wlly vs The Baldies
6. Kid Kash vs Mikey Whipreck
7. (ECW TV Championship) Kid Kash vs Rhino
8. Rob Van Dam vs CW Anderson
9. (ECW Championship) Justin Credible vs Steve COrino vs Jerry Lynn

ECW receives a roar of approval  By BOB KAPUR -- For SLAM! Wrestling



With a friend, we attended the first (and last) visit by the original ECW organization.
The ticket for general admission cost $32.25 (Canadian!) +, plus the service charge+tax.

Until I finally got to watch this recently (and I have been wanting to see it pretty bad for over 15 years!), I forgot how packed the place was back then, as even Americans traveled up here, to witness it.

The video is filmed by one of the men standing around the wrestling ring, and there are choppy edits between wrestlers' entrances and matches.

I was told  2 weeks later, a mutual friend The Beast From the East (no, not the real Bam Bam Bigelow, but the dude's nickname / IRC chat handle),
that only ONE match was televised on the ECW on TNN broadcast the next week.

You can order a DVD copy  from
 or a bigger set,  from

(I ASSUME it is the same video? There were probably 2 or 3 or 4 video-cameras rolling the entire time).

2000 09 09 ecw fan cam final tnn taping toronto.avi

948 MB
2:20 hours long

width-512 pixels
height-384 pixels
audio-111 kbps

Thanks to original uploader.

Get it and Enjoy


I have some photos too, but they are not handy right now.
Plus, I need to make sure I have permission by the dude who snapped them.
here's a snapshot using VLC Player...
. if I had the actual dvd, could get a much clearer screenshot.
Undecided f I will buy a copy.

In a galaxy, far , far , away....we had the ATARI 2600

I posted these pics on facebook about 3 years ago (when I still had an account on that stupid site).

This is the Gemini console below with the 2600.
The Gemini was a clone, it cost less, came with 2 games, MouseTrap (i traded MouseTrap away for  Planet Patrol with a highschool friend in Grade 9), and Donkey Kong, plus it had superior hand paddles/controllers.

By the time my Mom finally bought it for me and my sister,  (after a LOT of nagging to spend the $100+ , 
ha ha!), everybody else was rocking the Atari 4800, Intellivision, Colecovision, etc..
Anyways, the 2600 was needed, as I had blown a ton of money (and maybe broke?) at the back of many variety stores; filling video-game machines with quarters for like -
Asteroids, Galaga, Defender, Ms.Pacman, DonkeyKong, Galaxian, etc

Right now,
If I wasn't watching old ECW matches from the late 1990s,
I might hook up the system, or maybe the Nintend64.
Gave away many PC games in 2003, like Serious SamPostal 2 ,   No One Lives Forever 2,

Should have made some CD-R copies..
Only have a few copies of PC games left, like Delta Force: Land Warrior.

By the time I was told of other games many, many years later (2001?) with realistic life-likegraphics , like HALO or Call of Duty, I had lost most of my enthusiasm for First Person Shooters and for electronic games in general.

Thursday, July 23, 2015


Just finished reading this article right now, and suggest you also do it.---
WHAT KILLED THE FWE? THE QUESTION WE MAY SOON BE ASKING...AND HERE'S THE ANSWER  By Mike Johnson on 2015-03-16 http://www.pwinsider.com/article/92359/what-killed-the-fwe-the-question-we-may-soon-be-askingand-heres-the-answer.html?p=1

Since I can't really afford to support anything, but still feel I should, then my dollars for wrestling go to only buying SHIMMER DVDs. They earned my loyalty with consistently good merchandise and affordable prices.

Been waiting since the end of April , for 2 x 2 DVD combination orders (that is 4 dvd's). My bill said "SHIMMER Vol. 66 & Vol. 67 Two DVD Combo PRE-ORDER (ships during May)",  was to be hoped for released the next week.

It is almost August, so it is 12 weeks overdue.

In the past they have been a little late, so am not that upset yet, especially as VISA can always get my dough back, but starting to get frustrated as the next set of video taping in October will be for Volumes 76 & 77.

That is a lot of dvd volumes they are behind in reproducing for the fans.
Half the blame is due to whoever they hired for manufacturing the finished DVD's (dubbing discs, printing covers).

When you order from SHIMMER and if it includes a "pre-order", then all of it sits, until all of it is ready to go..
Unless you are not a cheapskate like me, and pay for each available DvD separately , apart from the per-ordered, to get quick shipping.

You know me,
sometimes I splurge, then sometimes I save.

I get twisted up over the stupid costs from USPS and CanadaPost when I know they keep carriers who will lose your mail, are irresponsible,  but never get fired.

read the article I linked...

Makes me wonder about others selling off their Shimmer DVD collections, as there are downloads where you can get it all (or almost all) for free.

If I start selling off everything online at Discogs and eBay  then you will now that I gave up, and I finally do not care about anything, and don't care about others' survival.
If everybody wants to push for digital only, then fine. I will never send another physical package or letter out, strictly uploads and emails, and will just download everything for free.
Had too many  hard drives die on me and I lost all the music and videos on them. Everybody must be nuts to think I will pay for material that can disappear.

Monday, July 20, 2015

The Origins of Post-Black Metal

I don't really like "webzines", and have to be really really bored to look at any of them,
but at least some don't call themselves fanzines, because fanzines I only understand as a xeroxed / printed paper magazine without needing a professional look, or large finances / the intrusion of big business to go with it.
Fanzines were created by fans not to make money, but spread the word of good underground bands..
At the start I did not like this new "post-black metal" 'black metal shoegaze rock' 'Blackgaze'(?) sound, but got used to it.

Check out this list -

Top Ten Countdown: The Origins of Post-Black Metal Posted on by

Kind of interesting to read.

I remember Fleurety – Min tid skal komme (1995) being weird and jazzy, but have not heard it for years, so, would never have thought to include it in this genre.
(in relation to the linked article, you will want this link too - http://ascoven.blogspot.ca/search?q=+Skogen


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Mentors in a comedy skit ?!?

Upright   Citizens   Brigade
S3, Ep4
7 Feb. 2000

Season 3
"Band"     304
The Breaker-Uppers go on tour; The Murderers perform at an old-fashioned caka-walka.
UCB - The Murderers sketch (Low)From Season 3 Episode 4.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Homeless Florida Man Plays STYX "Come Sail Away" !

This rocks! Talented guy and we're humbled by his song choice. Seems Lawrence has some competition here! wink emoticon
A homeless man down on his luck performs for impressed onlookers.

Thursday, July 2, 2015


A lot of nerds like to act sophisticated and post on forums that cassette tapes deserve to be phased out, "like 8-tracks, betamax, vhs, etc..." because of  "the horrible hiss and muddy sound...my tapes getting eaten... "

If you don't clean your tape-deck or VCR with a tape cleaner, or use a demagnetizer if you need that also, then whose fault is it if your tapes are eaten ?

It is these kind of people who didn't care that vinyl and cassettes had stopped being manufactured by record companies and replaced by CD's in the early to mid 1990s.

What they forget to tell you while saying how superior CD's are, is that some PRO CD's suffer rot just like certain brands of CD-R's, and stop being able to play.

IF a CD suffers a particular scratch, it no longer works. How is that any better than tapes or vinyl?

In the future, these same types of bipeds will say, and probably are already saying that CD's should be phased out, and iTunes and streaming only is superior.
But if your "Cloud" disappears, or you can not access it, or your computer hard-drive dies, then what good was going that route?

been lazy...have some  chrome tapes I will be selling / trading soon, (after they are dubbed!)
Here are the tape covers for some...

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Heart of the World


The heart of the world (2000, b&w): A parody of silent Soviet propaganda films


The Heart of the World from Claire McKeown on Vimeo.

The Heart of the World is a short film written and directed by Guy Maddin, produced for the 2000 Toronto International Film Festival
This short silent black & white film was played on TV a lot, 15 years ago, on movie channels in Canada.

Reminds me of the classic movie style of Metropolis

Motorhead's song Metropolis written by Lemmy after he watched the film.

Metropolis (1927) Fritz Lang - Full Restored Film