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Monday, August 26, 2019

Rant of the day - weed

I was looking at some post at how employers discriminate how to hire if they have criminal records.

Once upon a time -
in the 1980s,
i was a teenage rocker/metaller that got into hc/metal/thrash and was pretty much straightedge most of the time.

If I was tested back then,
more than likely would have failed because a lot of basements were hot-boxed.
Even though I was not smoking, i was inhaling it.
In the 1990s, I finally got into smoking it everyday and could see the appeal.

the ONLY thing that ever came close to pot for relieving stress and bone/muscle aches was when I got morphine when I got cancer.

If someone is an idiot and claiming marijuana addiction, I say, they are probably full of shit, but I do not doubt if they have physical pain.

There is a legal pot store near me now, but 13 years too late.
I hate smoke. all smoke.
I will stick with vodka to get numb.