What happens when a website says "not available for viewing in your country" ? maybe illegal downloading increases ?

Sunday, May 31, 2015

rock book

Rock Star Babylon By Holmes, Jon book scans (link)

Here are SOME pages with funny stories I wanted to red again.
I didn't scan the whole book,
as I might as well just go buy a copy then because it might be cheaper than photocopying.

here are a few pages to give you an idea.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

ay yi yi yi Vilma

oh, so I thought I lost my library card..check all my pants, all my jackets, all my gymbags, etc...nothing, so I phone and they put a lock on my card so nobody can attempt to use it...
I pick up one of the pairs of jeans I checked to throw in with the laundry-to-do... and the card is now in a pocket where it wasn't  a few minutes before...
aaaaay --yi-- yiii


The Flintstones: Season 3, Episode 27

Swedish Visitors (29 Mar. 1963)


Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Cameras are rolling today

The ghost stuff the past week was getting more and  more annoying.

cleaned up, moved  a lot of stuff around, as I had an annual inspection,  to make sure my home was safe and in proper order.
If any damages occurred , etc.

and before and AFTER the building manager was here,
lots of activity.

Seems bold enough to maybe be caught on camera.

It definitely keeps poking me in the f'n back...


Here is good advice...wonder if Jason Bourne taught them??


In public, you may need to conceal yourself in a crowd. Criminals especially will attempt to pick you out from a crowd to be targeted. The purpose of this guide is to make you as invisible to the public eye as possible.


Avoid Being Picked Out in a Crowd Step 1.jpg
Don't try to stand out. If you have the mentality that you want to stand out, then you will. You won't blend in to the crowd if you are making a scene. Blending in is 50% mental.


I must ask you....

I have already prepared my counter-proposal. It reads thusly: You may strategically place your wonderful lips upon my posterior and kiss it repeatedly!
Here are my terms: Goest thou to hell, and swiftly please, and there may Azmodaeus himself suckle from your diseased teat! 

'What do you mean, I should upload or re-upload, and not just make requests?"

Zoom in (real dimensions: 396 x 303)http://i.imgur.com/8v7N8VA.jpg
'Do yo mean I should be spending my time doing what you do?'
Zoom in (real dimensions: 408 x 299)http://i.imgur.com/V9HETdt.jpg
Can't you just give me everything in your collection for free?
Zoom in (real dimensions: 403 x 300)http://i.imgur.com/53oUYPk.jpg
If I  start uploading, then won't that will cut into my time as a sponge?
Zoom in (real dimensions: 406 x 300)http://i.imgur.com/Ei7CilM.jpg

I don't have any albums or cd's or tapes or a stereo to convert these valuable metals you speak of.
It is right for you, and for you to must.
Can you send me some of your money and maybe someday I also do these great things you speak of !
No, I  do not know what has happen to mp3's from this great metal site!
BUT first to correct and for solution, everybody make new mp3's.
Do you accuse me!?
Stop! I think you must stop accusing, and send all your rare metals to internet for this is correct and goodly position ways for metal peoples,
and I can not talk any More today, you see government here shut down this buildings and now we have stinky water and coconut telephone internet

Monday, May 11, 2015

Windows 7 - Record what you hear with Audacity

when trying to rip vinyl again,
had to start using Audacity because the old WavLab program I have does not work, does not have updates for Windows7.

this YouTube below explained simply what I needed to get Audacity to work, because there are a couple of small steps to do first.. I never knew before. -  -
 - Plus since I have the MP3 Splitter & Joiner Pro program I bought, can edit into separate tracks there (instead of the headache where i still don't know how in Audacity).
 - Windows 7 - Record what you hear with Audacity
 - Kyle Mayne

How to rip vinyl?

Sunday, May 10, 2015

De Occulting The Grammy Awards

De Occulting The Grammy Awards Live HD (HD) Published on Feb 11, 2015
Kind of choppy looking, but worth it for the info talked about by Freeman and friends,

Published on Feb 11, 2015
Join Freeman, Jamie Hanshaw, and Isaac Weishaupt as they decode the occult symbolism at the 2015 Grammy Awards show.
Learn more about the occult agenda in the entertainment industry:

The Dark Knight Meets The Avengers

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Somebody explain this...

 Imagine you are
on the edge of a city, and soon about to enter a township.
Somebody tell me-----
Is it normal everywhere for visitors or returning townsfolk to dump their fast food / junk food GARBAGE wherever they feel like?
Wherever they feel like littering and making what was cool and neat looking into a disaster zone for no reason?

I took these photos today, just now...

You are leaving Hamilton, where you were walking along - Main Street West, that road name just ended and has turned into Osler Drive.
Now, looking north and down into the ravine / park / Cootes Paradise I guess

you see trash tossed down the steep hill...

so, is it mainly teenagers? Are they the main culprits , being slobs?
I don't think it's just them, but a good chance it is drunk university students who travel through there and live nearby?

I remember when I was in Toronto or on roadtrips and hanging with a couple friends, back when they were in their late teens / early 20's, and these guys would dump trash out car windows anywhere and anytime.

Another friend, a hard working  (and much older) adult,
so, who was in his late 30s / early 40s, would purposely dump Burge King / McDoanlads / Wendy's / fast food garbage,  , including still un-eaten parts of the meal,
 ( and you all KNOW how much of a strong smell that disperses for a great distance due to that greasy food!)
 it in the middle of the roads, especially on high speed roads, or highways,
because he hoped he would later see on the return trip, an animal that was demolished by a hit and run.

Yeah, I didn't do that stuff  too often myself
(and haven't hung out with those guys for a decade either).
 No, I am not a treehugger or a staunch vegan or any "politically correct" gimp, but  I am not into doing that type of stuff.

On a happier note...

a few pics below