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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

ORDER FROM CHAOS (usa) - "FROZEN IN STEEL" is now streaming

ORDER FROM CHAOS - "FROZEN IN STEEL",  5xCD version is now streaming in full on bandcamp:


Cd box set might be out for sale around mid May,2015.

The die hard version of CD set will come inside wooden box with two patches and belt buckle.


 The DIE HARD version of the vinyl boxset sold out awhile ago I think.  
There are still some regular vinyl sets, which many also like, as they only leave out rehearsal / live versions of songs you already got in the regular set.
Unless you want to pay later at a much. much higher price for the vinyl, on eBay, or Discogs, better get moving.

Sun Apr 12, 2015 7:22 pm
"Regular edition is down to less than 100 copies at this point.. Don't miss out on his historical document."


official website  Order From Chaos,  and Ares Kingdom

Trees disappearing from Canada faster than almost any other country: study. Here's why >>


Cheryl Santa Maria
Digital Reporter
Wednesday, April 15, 2015, 8:00 AM -
Russia and Canada are leading the world when it comes to tree cover loss according to an analysis of 2011 and 2013 satellite data by researchers at the University of Maryland and Global Forest Watch.
The findings coincide with the publication of a separate study in Nature Climate Change which suggests the world's tree cover is improving, despite decades of deforestation efforts at the hands of man.
That study cited recent tree-planting efforts in China, the re-growth of forests in former Soviet states and healthier Savannas due to above-average rainfall as factors that helped expand the world's vegetation, adding close to 4 billion tonnes of above-ground carbon to the Earth since 2003.
Still -- when it comes to forest loss, Canada comes in second to Russia.
"Global tree cover loss in 2013 continued to be high at over 18 million hectares —about twice the size of Portugal—slightly lower than 2012, but a troubling 5.2 percent increase over the 2000-2012 average," the World Resources Institute (WRI) says in a statement.
"In 2011-2013, Russia and Canada topped the list (mostly due to forest fires), jointly accounting for 34 percent of total loss."
Researchers are quick to point out that at least some of the tree loss is "temporary" -- but it will take some time for forests to replenish.
Between 2011 and 2013, 43,000 square kilometres of northern boreal forest were destroyed in Russia. Canada saw a loss of 24,500 square kilometres during the same time frame.
Both regions have experienced an unusually high rate of forest fires in recent years, exacerbated by dry conditions.
Oil, gas and logging operations have also played a role.
"It is too early to call this spike a trend," WRI writes.
"Further research is needed to determine the drivers and estimate impacts of the forest fires, which tend to be highly variable over time and affect some boreal areas more than others."
Source: WRI

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Bruce Dickinson still sucks...ok, maybe not as much as I used to think

I was reading (AND re-reading again, for the umpteenth time since 2001), some old album reviews at

LARM the fourth reich of reviews

One was for

Bruce Dickinson
The Chemical Wedding

I used to own that album, and  the "Accident of Birth" CD, but eventually I got so SICK AND TIRED of all the 'power metal' bands with Bruce-copycats !
that I remembered originally hating his vocal style too !
"Number of the Beast" is shit compared to the first two IRON MAIDEN albums, and early singles / EP's.
I returned to my mindset that Paul Di'anno was a million times better because he didn't sound operatic and faggy, and Iron Maiden should not have fired him.

who is more surprised than me, when wondering why I liked Dickinson at all in the past,
went to youtube to check out some old songs.

a PERFECT example of where I don't mind Bruce  is  "THE TOWER".
Heroic / epic story telling sometimes needs smooth, over the top singing.
Bummer about him getting cancer. 



I had cancer too, and survived it . Hope he does too.
I predict if he rejoins SAMSON, then he will recover 100 %. (just joking... but that would be great! Bruce sounded really cool when singing with SAMSON.)

SAMSON... .'Vice Versa' and 'Hard Times'.

necro, Necro , NECRO, NECRO!!! (old video)

here's a quick video I made (in 2013 ?) showing a few metal bands' vinyl LP's.
and their names have the word Necro, haha, and there are way more out there too

music played is Bathory - Necromansy