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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

SHIMMER 54 this weekend, Allison Danger, will retire from working inside the ring

 Loving it, the Canadian Ninjas on the poster !



This past Saturday at SHIMMER 53 in Secaucus, NJ, SHIMMER fans and wrestlers alike said farewell to Ayumi Kurihara, who competed in her final match in the United States before her impending retirement in Japan during August. Additionally, this Saturday & Sunday, April 13th & 14th, we will witness the conclusion of the in-ring career of SHIMMER original and co-founder Allison Danger, as part of the SHIMMER 54-57 tapings.

Read more: http://shimmerwomen.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=shimmer&action=display&thread=4638&page=13#ixzz2Q5lta2qC

  This weekend in Berwyn, Allison Danger will compete for the final time inside the SHIMMER ring, before assuming a larger backstage role within the promotion going forward.
Even though the webstreaming quality is lower than their DVD's, I might have ordered more SHUIMMER IPPV's. Better for me though, as I can't afford them plus buying the dvd's.

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