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Monday, April 8, 2013

SHIMMER 53 was great

If you did not order the Internet PPV, I think you can still buy it as "VOD" Video On Demand.

The only downsides are the streaming video quality is not as great as the official dvd's and the camera work was a little too zoomed out, or at least at first it seemed like.
edit: HAHAHHAHA ! SO FUNNY! My first post over there in 2013 accidentally deleted! hahaha,


SHIMMER office Administrator Reply #310 Today at 1:24pm  
" Looks like I may have accidentally deleted a post I was trying to reply to in this thead posted earlier today. The question asked was whether or not the 53 quality will be changed for the DVD release from what was presented on the iPPV. The answer is yes. We'll be revising the edit to use the best camera shots possible of everything for the duration of the show, add replays, etc. It will also obviously be upgraded video quality so it looks like all of our DVDs, using the source tapes which were in each of the cameras that day. Once the DVD edit is finished, that version of the footage will also replace the initial live version of the show on both the WWNLive.com and ClickWrestle.com VOD of the show. "


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