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Friday, April 19, 2013


FOR a VERY long time, at least since 2009, I have had shadow people in my apartment. As time goes on, they are revealing more of themselves to me, and with them, pinpoint flashes of bright light, as if a micro cameraflash shot a picture of me. 

This past week, when I was preparing vegetables in the kitchen and washing in the sink, I seen to the left of me - a basketball size spinning, revolving, pulsing type of "star" (for lack of a better word) appeared for a full couple seconds.
It dazzled me more than shocked or scared me after all these years of various things I have seen and witnessed and felt on and INSIDE my skin.

It was pointy all around and kept sequencing faster than any kind of movie special effect. It was similar, but far advanced to any type of  flashing "star" in the sky.

In the past, while sitting in my living room, I have seen bolts of light, not like lightning, but some sort of jagged electrical streams of light appear,  from the  ceiling of my kitchen down into the floor to go to the next floor. The lights that streamed through, and zapped through, the ceiling, and many times were BESIDE / on BOTH sides of, the fluorescent ceiling lights.

The split-second moving shadows usually are in my vision, but in the past year, now sometimes can see them hugging the walls as they walk, 
I can see them in a similar way that was shown in the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie PREDATOR. There is a displacement of light, it is fuzzier, than all the air that takes up the rest of the clear air in the room, in the shape of a body. It is as if I can see "through" them.

I tried a simple banishment spell/ritual with salt, and even unplugged everything and shut off all power from the fuse box too, and I thought that got rid of them.
For a few hours,yes,  but then, they (it?) returned, just with far , far less annoyances. 
Either most of them left and it worked on them, or they went into hiding/stealth-mode, wondering what was next for me to try on them?

It has been a few months since that, and the activity is getting stronger. 

The much darker / blacker, more solid shadows, are walking back and forth more often from my bedroom closet. Sometimes there is a LOUD BANG / LOUD CRACK! from the sliding closet doors, and then the shadow(s) move in front of the bedroom table lamp.
Either they do not realize this makes them visible,or they want me to know they are here. 
As I re-edit this and keep typing they are darting super-quickly, excitedly.
they are excited due to panic? or laughter? 

Also, small pitch black coloured bugs or rodent sized shapes without any features, just PITCH BLACK, have run across my desk, or the coffee table, in front of me, have crawled over my feet or hands, and I am repulsed.
The tiny shadows are cold and wet.

In the past month, before the banishment spell, (more than?) one time, I felt a wet poke on my knee, as if a dog or cat pressed his nose on me.

and in the middle of the air, about 4 or 5 feet in the air, I will see an oval distortion, usually black, but a few times it was clear/snowy like a TV screen, as if something is trying to materialize.

This all sounds pretty crazy to many of you, right?

When I was messaging Cael, from occult-black metal band Morbid Ceremony, on facebook (before I deactivated my profile), and in the computer screen's refection, behind me, over my shoulder, SOMEBODY's HEAD/SKULL appeared for ONE SECOND!
I could not see or remember any features, maybe it was only all blacker than black, like the bugs that occasionally have appeared and disappeared into think air, after running over my fingers
Maybe if I could have someone that is trustworthy to hypnotize me, to make me slow down my mind and vision to explain WHAT I have seen since 2008 or 2009??

Interesting, this crazy activity started being noticeable after I returned from visiting a guy who is OBSESSED with freemasonry. 
His apartment was full of their books and objects, he was also wearing masonic jewellery too, yet claimed he was "exposing" them.

No. He was lying to himself. 

Since then, his life became a shambles and wound up living in the street and destroyed (and still destroying) most of his friendships. 
He is POSSESSED and many of you will laugh, thinking it is a joke and a fairy tale, and that it just cant happen.

That basketbal//volleyball sized "star" that lit up the whole room, appearing for 2 seconds in the far corner of the kitchen which is not visible to or from any window, was definitely a sign that something is happening, 

It was a sign of something coming, but what?
None of this is "in my mind", which is what pill-pushers/psychaitrists want every person that experiences these kinds of things to believe .

I have cut out beer drinking more and more the last year, to where I abstain for lengthier periods, NOW I have been sober for over one solid month now.
Wanted to see for myself if all this paranormal / unknown experiences was due to drinking, or if that didn't matter.

Is it possible a curse was put on me? All the satanic metal in my collection has to do with it? The pornography I viewed?

i hope i caught it on camera !

in 2002 I started having some really nightmarish stuff happen, which YEARS LATER were also made into Hollywood movie scenes! Things O have never told anyone!
Some of bizarre stuff I think has followed me to all the different places I lived in.

When NOBODY was home, or nobody is in the hallway, a GIGANTIC loud BANG, somebody slapping/punching my door or the wall wakes me up, or out of twilight sleep.

I have had other tenants ask me if I heard it, because they then started to immediately jump out of their chair they sat in by their door, and open the door to confront the asshole who was doing it, but nobody was there, and could not possibly have disappeared/run away that quickly, as even a closing door would have been spotted and heard.

There are some other happenings from back then, I might tell another time, or will gather it all for a book.

I have been attempting to digitally video record the phenomenon during the past couple years.
Not much was useful.

I showed footage of the camera being moved by itself up and down, or side to side, and the reaction was, it should be secured on a tripod, that the mechanism inside made it move.

At almost the same times everyday?
Just like when I see and then feel a cod chill after the closet door "cracks" and I see a shadow?

Or it appearing every day around 3 am?

My GPS Coordinates, Longitude and Latitude, is almost exact the same as a Masonic hall near me.
Freemasons build on leylines, for power.

I am still seeing them right now walking around in the morning light, almost as if they know what I am about to post.

they are peering at me from my peripheral vision many times.
I really hope that SOMETHING finally will appear on camera, but usually the clear digital screen/recording is GRAINY and nobody cares about that, as it doesn't matter my other recordings are crystal clear for comparison
here are some links for further reading.







There is also other strange things. Like being aable to see I have two sets of arms,  trying to get up but am too heavy, and then realize, I am asleep.
Also when "asleep",I see through the floor s into other people apartments, so am curious if what I seen was real or not.
Such as I confronted someone in a dream" that broke into my apartment, and then that same week, seen him for the first time in my life in the elevator! The shock of seeing him took all my breath and I thought for a few seconds I was going insane.

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