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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Flu season, schmoo season

I have been sick with a virus or flu for over a week. Usually a flu or cold comes with a stuffy nose, a lot of phlegm, but this one didn't start that way.
Weird, as my skull is usually clear headed, unlike typical sickness, but got a wicked headache from always coughing UP phlegm/liquid, maybe from my lungs, every 5 minutes for over a week. Still coughing, but not as bad.

Good thing I have a small bottle of colloidal silver, and still in the fridge a bottle Goldeseal -Echinacea tincture, saved for emergencies like this.
That stuff lasts for years. Either one would kill/cure a cold/virus/flu within a day, but guess my immune system is getting slow in my old age

Tempted to call Dial a Bottle or hit the LCBO or Beer Store, but think I will go back to bed instead.

maybe will get drunk at a later date, and join these waste-oid puppies.

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