What happens when a website says "not available for viewing in your country" ? maybe illegal downloading increases ?

Sunday, October 15, 2017

The underwear is lasting good, but I need some new socks.

 I had to give this post some kind of title... it might as well be a strange one. .....so......... almost all of the video / mp3 download posts here, have finally been moved to 2 other blogs. Some comedy / political vids still here, and a couple of self-made mp3 compilations.
maybe will delete a lot of the other posts, such as posts dealing with old radio shows I talked on. The download listening links are probably all dead anyways.

Will dig out the blogtalk radio mp3's and have a listen, but can guess that many of them will get deleted if nothing important or interesting is discussed.

No idea when, or if, the forum at http://heavymetalrarities.com/ will be back online.
There are approx. 30, 000 members there (I think, forgot how many), but not many upload.

Now this blog has been organized and pruned, maybe will work on the actual place I live in.

maybe after i watch the latest Fear of The Walking Dead episode.

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