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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Somebody explain this...

 Imagine you are
on the edge of a city, and soon about to enter a township.
Somebody tell me-----
Is it normal everywhere for visitors or returning townsfolk to dump their fast food / junk food GARBAGE wherever they feel like?
Wherever they feel like littering and making what was cool and neat looking into a disaster zone for no reason?

I took these photos today, just now...

You are leaving Hamilton, where you were walking along - Main Street West, that road name just ended and has turned into Osler Drive.
Now, looking north and down into the ravine / park / Cootes Paradise I guess

you see trash tossed down the steep hill...

so, is it mainly teenagers? Are they the main culprits , being slobs?
I don't think it's just them, but a good chance it is drunk university students who travel through there and live nearby?

I remember when I was in Toronto or on roadtrips and hanging with a couple friends, back when they were in their late teens / early 20's, and these guys would dump trash out car windows anywhere and anytime.

Another friend, a hard working  (and much older) adult,
so, who was in his late 30s / early 40s, would purposely dump Burge King / McDoanlads / Wendy's / fast food garbage,  , including still un-eaten parts of the meal,
 ( and you all KNOW how much of a strong smell that disperses for a great distance due to that greasy food!)
 it in the middle of the roads, especially on high speed roads, or highways,
because he hoped he would later see on the return trip, an animal that was demolished by a hit and run.

Yeah, I didn't do that stuff  too often myself
(and haven't hung out with those guys for a decade either).
 No, I am not a treehugger or a staunch vegan or any "politically correct" gimp, but  I am not into doing that type of stuff.

On a happier note...

a few pics below

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