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Saturday, January 3, 2015

RETRO ROCKET REVIEW fanzine for sale

Interviews with -
Simon Cobb [singer/bassist], and Paul “Bod”Rodwell (drummer) from Anihilated (England, thrash metal)
Alison Thunderland [drummer] from Axxion
Bill Lindsey [singer) from Impaler
Christopher Gabehart [singer] from Death Tripper (Texas)
Burrito [singer] from Christian bands - The Warning,and 8 Ball Cholos
Heimdallr (drummer) (ex-Ishchemic)
Jay Schizoid of SCHIZOID (black metal /industrial)
plus reviews

NO paypal or online purchases for now.
email contact address, if necessary, - retrorocketreviewzine@gmail.com .
write a letter with well concealed cash money or stamps.
No cheques. No money orders.
Cash or equivalent amount in stamps only!
NO ripoff here IF your letter does arrive to me.
Am interested in trades. YOUR zine gets mine. ENGLISH written only - metal, punk, etc.
34 pages (17 sheets, both sides) of 8x11" size black & white photocopied paper
if you are In the USA,. send $5 U.S. , or $5 worth of new/unused American postage stamps
if you are in Canada, send $5 Cdn, or $5 worth of new/unused Canada Post stamps.
write to:

Suite 276
1063 King St.W.
L8S 4S3
This issue took longer to get out due to my usual problems - finances, laziness, and beer.

Do NOT write to the old email address: "rrrfanzine@gmail.com"
It will not be answered by me from there.


  1. How about good night, happy year bothering you, I would like to see you as moderator of the heavy metal rarities page, can you help me, I deleted the information from my lap top and I lost my password to enter the page, my post, to upload music, and I followed the procedure that the page asks me and I have not received my password in my email, I hope you can help me to restore it, my username on that page is agent of the dark

    1. Hopefully you contacted the owner of the HMR site as I can't help you,
      contact: strappado@live.se