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Monday, August 26, 2019

Rant of the day - weed

I was looking at some post at how employers discriminate how to hire if they have criminal records.

Once upon a time -
in the 1980s,
i was a teenage rocker/metaller that got into hc/metal/thrash and was pretty much straightedge most of the time.

If I was tested back then,
more than likely would have failed because a lot of basements were hot-boxed.
Even though I was not smoking, i was inhaling it.
In the 1990s, I finally got into smoking it everyday and could see the appeal.

the ONLY thing that ever came close to pot for relieving stress and bone/muscle aches was when I got morphine when I got cancer.

If someone is an idiot and claiming marijuana addiction, I say, they are probably full of shit, but I do not doubt if they have physical pain.

There is a legal pot store near me now, but 13 years too late.
I hate smoke. all smoke.
I will stick with vodka to get numb.


  1. Hey, here Pelança.

    Why you blocked me to HMR forum? You are a loose individual, sincerely. I didn't nothing against rules by there. Do you have shit in your head? Please, unblock my account. It is not cool I creating another account.

    1. Your previous profiles were using an avatar promoting an extreme right wing politician from Brazil.
      I personally don't care about that, but other forum members, including other moderators, do not want to see politics causing problems again there at the forum.
      Also, you were posting stolen download links, and everyone is supposed to upload their own links.

    2. Sorry. My anger was most to Runniwild. He was all moment sending me message asking about me. I thought you was together to he. Indeed, was Runninwild who blocked me. Now, all is OK. Emil unlocked my account. This Runniwild all moment was accusing me of fake accounts, and told me I was a Professor Paulin and other unknown individuals. Fortunately Emil removed her moderador title.