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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Bob Daisley "For Fact's Sake" book

I finally got around and ordered the Bob Daisley book some months ago

It arrived in the mail with.very,very fast delivery , it took only about one or two weeks..


It was kind of expensive with shipping costs/exchange rate I guess, but I don't mind.
I am reading the book again for the second time.

Excellent for the history of this bass player and associated bands, includes a discography, lots of rare photographs, and delivers a funny line, now and then, when you don't expect it.

I don't understand how anybody who is a huge fan of the 2 Blizzard of Ozz Lp's (re: Ozzy's first 2 "solo" albums) would not want to learn the truth of how / why the original lineup was destroyed by that moneygrubbing cunt Sharon...

it also blows my mind how nice Bob is, including when he explains what happened to the Blizzard of Ozz.

I personally would have filled chapters and chapters of all the dirt I knew about her...with the filthiest words known to mankind, as she has conned most people into not knowing how brutal and conniving she is.

I cannot recommended it enough for you to also buy this book, you can get it autographed too on the inside.

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