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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Bruce Dickinson still sucks...ok, maybe not as much as I used to think

I was reading (AND re-reading again, for the umpteenth time since 2001), some old album reviews at

LARM the fourth reich of reviews

One was for

Bruce Dickinson
The Chemical Wedding

I used to own that album, and  the "Accident of Birth" CD, but eventually I got so SICK AND TIRED of all the 'power metal' bands with Bruce-copycats !
that I remembered originally hating his vocal style too !
"Number of the Beast" is shit compared to the first two IRON MAIDEN albums, and early singles / EP's.
I returned to my mindset that Paul Di'anno was a million times better because he didn't sound operatic and faggy, and Iron Maiden should not have fired him.

who is more surprised than me, when wondering why I liked Dickinson at all in the past,
went to youtube to check out some old songs.

a PERFECT example of where I don't mind Bruce  is  "THE TOWER".
Heroic / epic story telling sometimes needs smooth, over the top singing.

  dead youtube link

Bummer about him getting cancer. 



I had cancer too, and survived it . Hope he does too.
I predict if he rejoins SAMSON, then he will recover 100 %. (just joking... but that would be great! Bruce sounded really cool when singing with SAMSON.)

SAMSON... .'Vice Versa' and 'Hard Times'. dead youtube link

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