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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Hangover cures

FIRST THING - have another damn drink when you wake up if that is possible!

tomato juice, or V8 vegetable juice

grapefruit juice (to replenish your electrolytes)

colloidal silver ( put some drops in a glass of water)


was too bummed out yesterday. Many were "excited" as Christmas was nearly here.

Being a long hair wearing a denim jacket brings about different feelings, especially in others.
1 - bus drivers sometimes drive by without stopping to pick you up, [they must have got tips from the assholes that work for the TTC ].
2-but some bus drivers or even vehicle drivers passing by, I see will look happy. Could be the Led Zep sew-on patch.
I will guess they are also glad because I refuse to be an effeminate looking metrosexual or one of these emo rock queers that have plagued us for like 15 years.
3 - people leave me alone, but some gawk. "WHO is this guy??"
4- underage chicks trying to look cool, but their smoking cigarettes is a turnoff for me. Plus I am old enough to know how I would feel if I was their father, and that they should know better.
5 - I have a headache. now go look at another site

 when checking my mailbox, still see my fucking Skullfist records have not showed up. Will have to check if VISA got my money back from PayPal as I made a complaint a couple weeks ago nothing has showed up!

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