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Thursday, May 2, 2013


The website on the back of the box - www.tron20.net  - wonder if it still works ?

I bought the TRON 2.0 video game for my personal computer in 2003, maybe from Radio Shack, or Futureshop. Either it was too late, or I simply forgot to mail in the slip to get the $10 rebate.

Even though I hadn't seen the original TRON (1982) movie for years, and it was a distant memory (because I only watched part of it), it definitely was cool, and always planned to get it in my collection.
Not surprised I finally seen it again (ALL of it),  AFTER the SECOND Tron movie, Tron: Legacy (2010) !

I will add to this blog post in the future.
just thought I would start posting, as yesterday / last night (Wed. May.1st, 2013) when talking / recording The Bloke Show podcast, the movie's name came up during our 1980s MOVIES topic.


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