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Saturday, January 16, 2010

problems, headaches, wars,in-fighting, and not just TNA and WWE, but Sandstorm7 and Wrestling Randomness too

Lots of stuff happening, but then again, everything is dragging along as always.

Having connection problems.... it seems it may not be my computer giving me problems for uploading, but maybe my ISP or line... will get it checked out.

I'm glad the Monday Night Wars are back, TNA and WWE can only get better, or at least TNA will probably stay great, and WWE's RAW will still suck for most of their programs, with every other one being kind of good, and sometimes they give us an awesome one.
In other words, RAW will still stay hit or miss.
Example - Brett Hart's return was cool, but most of the show wasn't that great when I watched it again.
Last Monday it was Mike Tyson, and I'm not a fan of his. Guess what? that RAW was pretty damn good, Miz and MVP cut amazing promos on each other for one thing. The WHOLE show was great, I just didn't like the finish, the swerve where Tyson bails on his tag partner Chris Jericho and rejoins DX for the end and to let them win.
Maybe everybody else loved it, not me ...meh.

Still ECW and Superstars are THE shows for WWE, even though they keep messing with the ECW brand every 3 months once everybody is really starting to cook.

Some friends who had a falling out a few months ago, and things cooled down, and then were sort of forgotten, well.... all was tried to be forgotten for the New Year.
I even said I hoped it was all over.
Nope, one guy brought up the past and made some digs and that sparked it off again.
ah , fuck it, let's use names.
The Wrestling Randomness guys and A.J. Maggot who felt they been attacked on Sandstorm7's two new comeback shows (on blogtalk radio, and talkshoe) in January, called in last night,Friday.
They wanted answers, they were hot,they wanted to defend themselves against what he said, and so, Sandstorm felt it was an ambush, and did not want to talk about what he said on the previous shows, and then hung up o them, and blocked them from being on-air any further.

If you know which wrestling internet radio personalities I am talking about (probably the only 2 or 3 of you who visit here, hahaha), it's probably going to get all insulting again.
If you speak on radio, you can be called on to answer for what you said, that's why I don't have my own radio show. I don't like calling in too often either to shows of friends/acquaintances, as I may be too blunt, and easily insult somebody without thinking first... probably because I'm having a beer while on the phone. I don't like talking to people as much like I did when I was younger. Only sometimes.
I can go a week or more easily without speaking one word.I've done it for way longer than that. It's easy now.

anyways, today. Saturday January 16th, there will probably be a Wrestling Randomness roundtable radio show or a Wrestling Randomness Shoot!, as there are things that weren't said last night.

Ok, so..... on that note, check out two cool sites
http://www.wrestlingrandomness.com, and the WR podcasts, and live blogtalk shows every other Saturday night.

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