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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Betrayer (Can) - Rusted Icons (2001)

Betrayer (Can) - Rusted Icons (2001)
Heavy Metal/Power Metal/Thrash Metal

CD rip
Christian metal.

Jeff Klingbeil-Vocals, Guitars
Shawn Bastien-Drums
Norm Michaud-Bass

43 minutes 38 seconds

1. Decendants Of Death (6:24)
2. Fire To The Coals (5:01)
3. Tribulation (6:09)
4. Waiting (6:48)
5. Wretched Ways (3:53)
6. Captive State Of Mind (5:39)
7. Sand of Time (4:11)
8. Rusted Icons (5:33)

320 kbps

similar to BEYOND's "Staircase" Demo (1989).

Monday, July 28, 2014

Mötley Crüe (US) - Live US Festival 5/29/1983

Motley Crue 1983 Live US Festival XviD
496 x 280
419 mb

Rock and Roll Wrestling 1987 Xvid

Rock & Roll Wrestling: Music Television V.
with Johnny Legend



4shared link - must have free account to download
Rock and Roll Wrestling Xvid
229 MB
28:10 minutes
576 wide x 432 height
audio 128 kbps

Rhino Video presents Rock 'N' Roll Wrestling
See the wildest & weirdest matches of all time:

-Bullrope Blood Bath!
-Loser Must Eat Dog Food Match
-Trash Can Royale
-Concession Stand Stomp

Featuring Legendary wrestlers:

-"Exotic" Adrian Street
-Bruiser Brody
-Jerry "King" Lawler
- The Bruise Brothers (w/ Jim Cornette)
-The Rock & Roll Express
-The Fabulous Ones
-Randy "Macho Man" Savage
-The Road Warriors
-Joe Le Duc
-Buzz Sawyer
-The Moon Dogs
- Kamala
-Jesse "The Body" Ventura
-Austin Idol
-The Fabulous Freebirds

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Hating Evil (Brazil) - Rotten Inside EP

Christian oldschool thrash metal
With such a dirty, brutal sound, some will wonder how they could be "Christian"?

If you like other South American thrash metal like Violator, and early Sepultura,
or from the USA like Dark Angel, and Slayer (1980s-era),
then a good chance you will dig HATING EVIL.

Hating Evil (Brazil)
Rotten Inside [ep]
@ 192 kbps
new link - mega - Download