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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Angels and Airwaves - Surrender

You know, I try to avoid anything that angers or aggravates me.

One thing that has bugged me for years, was I once liked a song I heard on the radio years ago, but kept forgetting what it was.
It finally came to me one day, and remembered the band name or the song was called Angels and Airwaves.
It was some project or supergroup by some other band I never listened to / never cared  for before.

After like a year or two now, I found what I thought was the song, on a download of remixes.
Angels & Airwaves - Stomping The Phantom Brake Pedal [Double EP - 2012][KC] @320
Thanks to the original uploader.

After remembering a few words, the chorus melody, and then reading through the lyrics, and now also hearing the regular version, found it !!. ...(see music video above).
I don't like the video for many reasons, but I bet everybody else out there loves it.

am going to to check out their albums, as this is one of the greatest songs that combines the best elements from Pop music, Alternative rock, Hard rock, and Emo hardcore..

how do I know it is great?
When I play it repeatedly and cannot get sick of it.

I will eventually migrate this post to the other blogspot.
downloaded a ton, maybe all of the Angels and Airwaves discography...and am disappointed....not too much else of it for me was as exciting as their song "Surrender" ... will give it a try for another week or two...
the same happened a month ago, after I downloaded the Biters' stuff....it seems to me, the Biters' best songs were videos on Youtube...

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