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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Thrashgangsters "as cringe-inducing as Thrash Or Die?"

is the question asked on the topic thread here at the NWN forum - Thrashgangsters "appreciation" thread

First off, I liked Thrash Or Die enough to buy their CD, and then interview them for my printed fanzine and sent them a copy of that monster. Then later it came up, and I asked them for a vhs or dvd-r or them playing a live concert or of a rehearsal since I'd probably never see them in person.
They have video cameras so it shouldn't be that big of a deal to film one day and throw it in the mail the next. day

Thrash Or Die (Florida, USA) eventually made a dvd and gave it away, but never sent me a copy.
I guess if you want stuff from bands you have to be with some huge website or keep on their ass and keep asking for stuff...if you can't find their album for free download, they leave a comment and I'll hook you up. The CD on Amazon for $19 now!, when it only cost like $10 from the band..

This new band Thrashgangsters has a cheezy music video using  graphics that looked pulled from 1980s community cable access shows.
The song's alright, and the band seem serious about the music, so I give it a pass for now.

Want to hear a complete Thrashgangster ( Bonn, Germany) demo or album.

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