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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Minier - Minier (1990) album

Minier - Minier (1990) @192
(REX Music records)

1. Do Not Be Deceived
2. The Skeptic
3. Price
4. Killing of the Innocent
5. Prophecy 02:54
6. Philosophy of Man 05:03
7. The Secret Song 02:14

24 or 25 minutes long

This is a download I found years ago, (not my cassette or CD rip).

That YouTube channel by BOUKEBANDSTRA  is mainly Christian metal.

Minier - Minier (1990)  album

The first solo album by Greg Minier, the guitarist from Christian crossover / hardcore / thrash band
The Crucified
- One of the Big Four bands of  Christian thrash that speerheaded that scene, 
and they were -

The Crucified (started in 1984)
Deliverance (started in 1985)
Believer (started in 1986)
Vengeance (then renamed Vengeance Rising)(started in 1987)




You can get EVERY single song, including previously unreleased demos + hard to get tracks on 2 CD's, plus a DVD for $19.99(+shipping costs?) from -
It has been some years since I ordered my copy.


The Minier CD, just like Greg's other solo album Applehead is pretty rare / OOP Out Of Print.

I was pretty happy to finally buy the two CD's (used) in the last few years (after playing my cassette tapes repeatedly and wearing them out, since the early 1990s ! )

Shout out to Tim Anderson, The Crucified's.manager, for mailing me the Applehead tape back then!
(I doubt he will ever read this blog, but


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