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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Doug Van Pelt Presents COOL TUNES tape Download

I was listening to this old Christian rock / metal compilation, and looked online for the exact year it was released, and see one site listed it as 1990. Sounds like that could be correct.
However, the scan there of the CD cover looks like the same scan taken of the cassette cover scan from  this old download,
but   s t r e t c h e d  out !
As far as I know, this was only released on cassette tape, NOT CD.

You can pay $80, maybe for a bootleg CD, which maybe came off these mp3's ....
or just download it here for FREE!


check out this interview -

(I usually HATE online interviews and "webzines", but occasionally will forget my bias).

VA - Doug Van Pelt Presents COOL TUNES (Heaven's Metal mag comp)  @ vbr
scans included

57 minutes 11 seconds

01.Blairing Out - Porno People (3:29)
02.Deliverance - J.I.G (0:49)
03.Bloodgood - Battle of the Flesh (2:47)
04.Paradox - Give A Listen (4:19)
05.Guardian - Look to the Future (4:49)
06.Believer - I.Y.F (5:02)
07.First Strike - Power (4:59)
08.Charizma - Take You High (4:52)
09.The Cry - There is One (3:35)
10.Paul Q-Pek Band - Kingdom Come (3:56)
11.Legend - After The Fall (4:59)
12.Kemper Crabb - Sea of Blood (4:33)
13.Narnia - Take Me (4:16)
14.The Nation - It Hurts to Be Broken (4:46)


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