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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

old cassette covers

my scanner broke, and don't care enough to take a clear picture right now.

only can find tape 2 of the promo of the NWOBHM comp on METAL BLADE RECORDS with tracks picked by Lars Ulrich. Heard the CD is rare now and expensive but guess ALL of these songs and complete releases from the bands are very easy to find online now.
One of the MAELSTROM demo tapes.
Or is this the demo cover that is not needed?
The best track was THE SEER.
This tape USED to have all of this stuff on it from a trade by mail...
I will get angry if I check what replaced it as I liked that MALICIOUS INTENT demo but probably played that tape so much, got sick of it and had no blank tapes handy.
Promo tape for the third Murphy's Law album...this had the cover song Monster Mash, but the actual LP didn't? I think Ebony & Ivory was instead??? wtf ?!

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