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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Final Conflict (USA)

Final Conflict (1987) Ashes to Ashes debut LP (re-release 2014)


In the mid-1980s, a German tapetrader wrote back to me, and included one of my picks, FINAL CONFLICT ' s 1985 demo tape.
I read about them in MRR, Maximum Rock N Roll magazine I guess (MRR website here) , and reviews / interviews in other photocopied hardcore punk, and thrash metal fanzines,

When I first listened to it,
I thought the tapetrader made a mistake, as it sounded very good and ripping (despite Maxell or BASF chrome tape hiss) and maybe it was this hc punk band's album instead of the demo tape ?!

(That still would have been cool, but I yet didn't know too many thrashers in Toronto .
But recording vinyl LP 's onto cassette was just as important or more important than copying demo / rehearsal / live bootleg tapes).
SKIP AHEAD 29 years approx... 

I downloaded the demo in 2007 or 2009,  to hear it again after all this time.
In the late 1990s, there was a huge disappointing feeling that many little-known bands I used to love listening to, were probably gone for good from my life.

(Funny...I used to work  in a printing press plant..so, I can say that, mmm, ok !? ..ha ha!)

In early 2007, finally moved into an apartment with a telephone land-line, and by the end of September, not only connected to the internet, but seen how much it advanced since 2002, now that I could spend as much time as I wanted on it compared to the public library or internet cafe!
Definitely a plus, having internet at home... sit around only in your underwear, blast tunes super-loud on ypur stereo, drink beer for cheap, eetc etc

 My sister told me about FaceBook. (uh oh!!)
Joined that site
- reconnected to old friends like Skar on FaceBook, joined "discussion groups" about heavy metal and thrash metal,, and started hearing whispers of     "mp3 downloading".. ...  shhhhhhhh!!!

This was after the gigantic Napster / Metallica mess, which had never affected me...as I never downloaded before! (unless jpg's of Toronto Sun and MOJO 640 AM Radio chicks count as downloads?)

The ONLY audio disc not bought by me in the late 1990s, was a birthday mix audio CD-R my sister made out of mp3's, as she was the brains that knew of all the websites at the time where you could find million of free songs,


I was like any other guy that was born / lived in Toronto.

When city boys were ever told, or if we suspected we are not allowed, or probably should NOT,
climb on top of garage roofs, school roofs, sneak into private areas of stores or other buildings like factories, or whatever...

"Breakin the Law, Breakin The law" HA HA

Started seeing a couple bands, with names I recognize,such as HEATHEN,  and SINDROME, giving away free mp3 downloads of demo and albums that were OOP Out Of Print.

Then, the more I searched / looked / "surfed the net", many more  familiar bands from the past were appearing on blog-spots and forums...

HECK !! even workers sitting at their terminals were giving away music from the unknown / hidden parts of their employer's websites!

The punks and hippies that believed music should be free for all people to enjoy,  had re-emerged, thankfully!

but not everybody or everything was 100 % simply out in the open. Not always easy to find !

Which was good,
to prevent any shutdowns.

anyways, soon going to end this little internet history of my past. 
and back to FINAL CONFLICT.

The internet first in the late 1990s for me on a BASIC computer (first an XT, upgraded to a 486...started using Windows 3.1...and by 19999, was using the best  and easiest version ever for an operating system, WINDOWS '95 )
 so, OK, starting
with very basic text, simple screens, and  spending most activity in IRC chat-rooms , getting drunk at home when not working , and goofing off with friends and insulting strangers like we were 12 years old.

The internet had a hold of me like drugs...but then IT REALLY GOT CRAZY starting ion 2007.

I would not sleep for days!!..I would keep web-surfing ,  searching hundreds or even thousands of websites links nonstop ALL WEEK, , page after page after page,
looking to see if a particular  demo or album or single existed online and  could be downloaded.

Yeah, 90 % of the time, I was killing my eyes and back for nothing, but man, it felt so amazing to be able to finally download for free, some band I read about from from the 1970s or 80s in magazines, BUT NEVER heard a note of the music ever on any radio station,

back to 
Final Conflict (1987) Ashes to Ashes debut LP (re-release 2014)

Heard them both the demo and the LP , by the early 1990s,
and still could barely tell a difference between the two recordings.

Ashes to Ashes  was re-released on vinyl in 2014

A couple of nasty reviews about this new vinyl pressing (.I ripped for you here).

Reviews said that the quality on the re-released debut was shoddy--- had very poor workmanship, (or inferior materials were used?..not surprising of that was the case.
In the 1980s, bands had the choice of picking  a very inferior type of vinyl wax to press their records on.
The cheapest costing vinyl material would sound very scratchy and lots of surface noise, with low volume.

These days, due to a lack of record pressing plants, and in the 1990s, most of the skilled, and knowledgeable machinists / pressmen / workers had been forced to retire or were fired.
Maybe there is still a lack of simply knowing how to attain the best sounding vinyl, which includes quality control and mastering technique?

The idiots that shut down the majority of the vinyl factories have made the music industry suffer. 

Tradesmen may not be as excellent for a few decades until everyone knows the intricacies of the stampers like teh grandfathers did in the 1970s??
That did not stop me from buying other FINAL CONFLICT vinyl releases in the past few years, (which I will share with you here later, so keep visiting back).
Since a record company or pressing plant or whoever remastered it,
had 'screwed up' Ashes to Ashes supposedly) , it was a cool bonus to find it was uploaded onto band-camp for free download.by Tankcrimes.

You can get the free download from Tankcrimes.


TANKCRIMES has shared a lot of free music.

I should buy more of their releases / mrech.

Sounds great, so no doubt , the CD (and maybe cassette tape version) sound excellent like the original pressing in 1987.

28 minutes 57 seconds

1. Apocalypse Now! (1:38)
2. One Answer (1:29)
3. Private War (2:07)
4. Crucifixion (2:06)
5. Abolish Police (2:38)
6. Shattered Mirror (2:38)
7. Burial Service (2:09)
8. What Kind of Future? (1:23)
9. Constant Fear (2:59)
10. Political Glory (1:49)
11. Central America (1:34)
12. Outcasts (1:28)
13. Self-Righteous Pigs (2:44)
14. The Last Sunrise (2:15)

Final Conflict (1987) Ashes to Ashes rematerd(?)

Check it out - FLAC

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