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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

HEAVY TIGER - Saigon Kiss LP


Heavy Tiger ‎– Saigon Kiss
Style:Heavy Metal, Hard Rock
High Roller Records    
HRR 352

side 1
Saigon Kiss    
I'm Alive    
Seven Days Fool

side 2   
Robber Of Love    
Girls Got Balls    
Little Sister    
Talk Of The Town

2 mp3's- 1 mp3 for each side @320
(don't like it? Then buy your own copy smarty-pants!)

I have been blasting this album A LOT on my headphones for months now. One of my fave records.
These chicks play great rock' n' roll,  like early KISS , Cheap Trick, and The Donnas.

Plus, I can't stop smiling when I hear them sounding like The HELLACOPTERS (eg."Action De Grâce", or "Renvoyer) on "Girls Got Balls".

I ordered my copy from http://waronmusic.com but no idea if they still have copies.
try Hell's Headbangers.
Maybe record stores are carrying this album.



Heavy Tiger's YouTube channel



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