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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Annihilation Time - II

It's a shame that  skate rock band Annihilation Time broke up, but they left behind a few great releases on vinyl.

HERE is a great example why vinyl is superior to CD.

Compare the version of the rip I made from the record, to the CD rip that ZER uploaded.

The vinyl is RAW and GRITTY, and rips it up like classic hardcore bands,
Another factor why.....this is possibly a different mix?

I didn't bother separating the vinyl rip's 2 sides into tracks, as the album should be listened to from its start to finish

I think the CD sounds very clean...just way too clean for bands like this, but most people that buy CD's instead of records are gimps anyways, they are too damn lazy to flip a record to the B-side, and  and can't tell the difference between kick-ass releases and their Barry Manilow and Manowar collection.

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