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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Wikka (Can) - Earthdogs [Snakepit Mag.No.20 bonus 7''(2012)]

Wikka (Can) - Earthdogs [Snakepit Mag.No.20 bonus 7'' (2012)]
" two never heard before songs recorded back in 1987".


Genre: Heavy Metal-Power Metal
Country: Canada
Bitrate: FLAC


Here is a vinyl rip I made awhile ago, but only recently uploaded and shared.
Some really good headbanging metal here.

5 minutes 57 seconds

1. Earthdogs (3:20)
2. Chained Lightening (2:37)
IF the file doesn't open with  your winrar and winzip programs
then use 7-zip.


Here is one song on YouTube, thanks to the guy there so you can see if you want this before downloading.

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