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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

when a live in the studio recording is better than the actual album

Metallica 2003 St. Anger Live
(bonus disc with album, live in studio dvd 5.1 rip and transferred)

1 hour 13 minutes 40 seconds
01 Frantic (5:51)
02 St. Anger (7:07)
03 Some Kind Of Monster (8:17)
04 Dirty Window (5:31)
05 Invisible Kid (8:32)
06 My World (5:36)
07 Shoot Me Again (6:57)
08 Sweet Amber (4:46)
09 The Unnamed Feeling (7:16)
10 Purify (5:14)
11 All Within My Hands (8:33)

@ Flac

When St.ANGER was released, the CD came with a Bonus DVD of the band playing it all live in the studio.
Their producer Bob Rock played bass on the studio version (with Lars and his crappy nu-metal drum sound), and then there is this LIVE version, with new bassist Rob Trujillo (ex-Suicidal Tendencies), and Lars' drums sounding a LOT better!
Whenever I wanted to hear the St.Anger songs I would put on the DVD, now we all can listen to these on our media players, or you can burn this to your own CD-R.

Thanks to the original uploader, here is the torrent I got this from -

'The audio portion of the St. Anger bonus "live in studio" DVD.
Here's what I did. First, I pulled all the 5.1 audio off and converted it to 2.0 16/44.1. 

I used the 5.1 because the sample rate was higher than the stereo.
After it was in stereo I removed all the chatter and noise from between songs, added 1 sec of silence and fade to the begining and end of each track (not affecting the music at all) so that the editing between tracks would not be noticeable. I then increased the track volume to 0dB (the loudest a CD can reproduce without creating noise or clipping) and then converted to FLAC.

The result, if you burn to CD, is a perfect, live representation of St. Anger.


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