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Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Vapors

 "Turning Japanese" was a huge hit single back in the early 1980s. There were NO video shows back then I could see except for The New Music every week on Channel 79, City-TV (Now it is Channel 57, as I was told the cab drivers wanted to use that frequency? I know, sounded weird to me back then too). The music video is now online, but back then we could only see a snippet of it during one of those K-Tel compilation LP's advertised on TV.

I see there were some live or lip-synched versions on different Top Ten type TV shows, like Solid Gold..

still searching for the original which I DID see before but is now blocked in Canada on YouTube.

With this new downloading phenomenon, was able to not only get to hear many old bands I used to have, but records I always wanted to hear, but didn't have money for, or didn't see for sale when I was younger.

Thanks to my sister for giving me the 7" single you see here.
Back in the day, she played it a million times in her room.
The flipside is really good too.

The Vapors 1980 Turning Japanese 7 '' single
6 minutes 56 seconds
Side a.Turning Japanese (3:13)
Side b.Talk Talk (3:43)

The first thing I could find was this bootleg that was shared on Guitars101 I think, thanks to the original uploader.
Should not have been surprised there weren't more novelty songs.
Still enjoyable, this and the album I later also found (thanks to another uploader, (but the cover  art was not included)

I finally got the video thanks to
watch it there
or watcch/download at flv file

The Vapors are for fans of The Monks, The Police,and The Jam I guess.

The Vapors 1981 Guildford concert (BBC Rock Hour)  - single mp3 - 55 minutes - Bootleg / live tape.
 1981-02-11 Guildford, Civic Hall (BBC Rock Hour) FM
01 News At Ten
02 Johnny's In Love Again
03 Sixty Second Interval
04 Jimmie Jones
05 Turning Japanese
06 Daylight Titans
07 Magnets
08 Isolated Case
09 Letter From Hiro
10 Trains
11 Live At The Marquee
12 Prisoners
13 Civic Hall
14 Bunkers

The Vapors 1980 New Clear Days
1 hour 2 minutes 28 seconds
1. Spring Collection (2:52)
2. Turning Japanese (3:44)
3. Cold War (3:57)
4. America (2:22)
5. Trains (3:26)
6. Bunkers (3:54)
7. News At Ten (3:18)
8. Somehow (3:33)
9. Sixty Second Interval (3:52)
10. Waiting For The Weekend (3:07)
11. Letter From Hiro (6:23)
12. Prisoners (2:55)
13. Sunstroke
14. Here Comes The Judge (Live)
15. News At Ten (Single) (3:21)
16. Wasted (2:48)
17. Talk Talk (3:55)
18. Waiting For The Weekend (Single) (3:03)
19. Billy (5:58)


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