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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Metallica (US) - (2007) demos

Metallica (2007) photo (from left to right) -
James Hetfield (lead vocals , guitar)
Kirk Hammett (guitar)
Lars Ulrich (drums)
Robert Trujillo (bass guitar)

Fans will recognize the riffs from these two songs, they were re-used for songs on the "Death Magnetic" and "Beyond Magnetic" albums. Really love the clean singing  by James on these 2 studio tracks,as it is like Dave Mustaine's voice from the 1980s!
and the music is fucking HEAVY again!
It has the "Master Of Puppets" mixed with the "And Justice For All" Lp's vibes.

After I recently read "Metallica, This Monster Lives : the Inside Story of Some Kind of Monster By Joe Berlinger (Book - 2004) ", (which has some info NOT shared on the DVD or the DVD extras), been on a heavy Metallica kick, starting with the mid-late 1990s era, to the St.Anger, and Death Magnetic , Beyond Magnetic periods.
No secret I was biased against them after the "Black" LP was released. Just way too many lame songs since then, but listening to them probably really all started going downhill for me, with the slow , boring shit they did on "Master of Puppets"...
Will be sharing a lot by them, mainly decent sounding bootlegs, and will avoid most of the official stuff (don't need the hassle of legal threats, or somebody messing with my uploads or this blog).

Metallica 2007  ''Vulturous'' Demo Version+Live version
7 minutes 52 seconds
1. Vulturous (Studio Demo) (3:44)
2. Vulturous (Live) (4:08)
@ 126-127

Metallica 2007 ''Death Is Not The End'' Demo
17 minutes 57 seconds
1. Death Is Not The End (Studio Demo) (7:58)
2. Death Is Not The End (Live) (9:59)
128 kbps

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