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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

GH III audio

I was pleasantly surprised when this was released.
This was the real Metallica I knew from my youth!
Some fans / critics said it was merely rehashed / warmed-over material that tried to capture the glory days and sound, which many old fans wanted again.
Heard the same shit about Megadeth too, since their "United Abominations" album.

It took me a few years of being uncertain, but Death Magnetic definitely has stood up to the test of time and is definitely GREAT, just like "Master Of Puppets", or "And Justice For All".
Not just the riffing and quick beats and many time changes, it is the studio production reminding me of both of those albums.

Many have said this GuitarHeroIII version has a superior sound to the official release.
The claim is the regular CD release was "brickwalled", part of the loudness war.

I will say the sound here IS SPECTACULAR, so am very grateful to the original ripper & uploader (D34DL1N3R ?)
I don't play Guitar Hero and would never have been able to hear this otherwise.

I don't own an X-Box, PlayStation, or any NEW type of video game system, ( and have not even played any video games, like on an Atari2600 or Nintendo64 for over 5 years I think).

Besides the great sound, the major bonus is having two versions of "Suicide And Redemption" because the guitar solos are different - one by Hetfield, and one by Hammett.

Metallica 2008 Death Magnetic - v.GHIII by D34DL1N3R
1 hour 24 minutes 24 seconds

1. This Was Just Your Life (7:06)
2. The End Of The Line (7:57)
3. Broken, Beat And Scarred (6:28)
4. The Day That Never Comes (7:55)
5. All Nightmare Long (7:55)
6. Cyanide (6:36)
7. The Unforgiven III (7:47)
8. The Judas Kiss (7:58)
9. Suicide And Redemption (J.H.) (9:52)
10. Suicide And Redemption (K.H.) (9:53)
11. My Apocalypse (4:57)


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