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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Dread (US) - Brace For Destruction (2010)

Dread (US) - Brace For Destruction (2010)
45 minutes 2 seconds
1. Intro (1:59)
2. Dawn of the Dread (0:53)
3. When Dreams Lie (6:01)
4. The Pharaoh's Ceremony (5:30)
5. Brace for Distruction (4:18)
6. Slay the Kings (4:29)
7. A Crack in the World (3:12)
8. Excommunication (5:17)
9. Tuck You Into Death (6:22)
10. Killer Moose (3:00)
11. Nuclear Rain (4:01)


This is yet another time when I have zero guilt about sharing.
A member of a metal forum site I was on years ago, kept asking me to get this CD as he was broke, so I sent the band a money order.
After some months,  I messaged them , and they claimed they never got my letter/money order, but would send the CD anyway..
I never got the CD, which pissed me off, as I was told the band would GIVE THEM AWAY for free.

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