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Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Belladonna (US) -  Spells Of Fear (1998)

Genre: Power Metal / Heavy Metal / Groove Metal
Country: USA
Bitrate: @ EAC 320

CD rip, Exact Audio Copy
second solo album
singer Joey Belladonna from ANTHRAX
1 hour 1 minute 26 seconds
1. Face You (5:42)
2. Lost Control (5:06)
3. Long Way Down (5:54)
4. Bad Memories (5:34)
5. Jokin' (4:01)
6. Phony (4:08)
7. I Don't Need (4:23)
8. How Would You Know (3:55)
9. Ultimate Threat (5:18)
10. Don't Pin Me Down (4:39)
11. Cover Me (5:40)
12. Out Of Gas (4:16)
13. Stress Your Mind (2:50)


I bought this album (used maybe), for around $5 sometime during the last few years.

Was very curious as I missed hearing Joey's singing during the John Bush-era of ANTHRAX.

I did not even check out Youtube first to see if I should buy this, as I wanted to be totally surprised like the old days.

I rarely  look for reviews online
I buy fanzines, and 1/2 the reason is for the reviews printed there
(can't read a computer screen when sitting in the bathroom.!)
The SHORTER a review is, and right to the point, the better it is.., (like how MRR punk zine was).

Idiots will write lengthy essays (at sites like Metal Archives), when you can download the entire release in less time.
AND many times, I still have NO IDEA if the album is good or not,  so how useful is that "review" ?

Your ears will tell you better if you like a record or not..

and if you want it, here is my 2 cents on the Belladonna (US) -  Spells Of Fear (1998) album.

Everything flows and has a warm, organic, analog feel to the studio production which is nice.

This album sounds EXACTLY like those ANTHRAX albums he wasn't on! What the hell is going on here??

I won't turn it off until I hear the entire album, from start to finish.as I am comforted by hearing a great singer I grew up listening to..

some rhythms / riffs sound familiar,  maybe heard them before somewhere else (maybe even the John Bush-era Anthrax releases???)

for fans of NON-FICTION, ALICE IN CHAINS, mid-paced MEGADETH (1990s), and ANTHRAX (mid-late 1990s)

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