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Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Persecuted (Christian HC Punk) - 1998 The Persecuted LP cassette-rip

Found an old, and small write-up about this band. ...from somewhere...

"The Persecuted, which was named after his magazine. This band was a Christian gutter punk/ska/metal that gained a fair amount of local recognition by playing at venues ranging from retreats at the Belleville Ramada Inn, to back wood stages at Marmora’s Punkfest. Following the release of the band’s first and only album, released on Country Road Records in 1998, the band broke up and the members went their separate ways. … "

The Persecuted (Madoc,Ontario,Canada) - 1998 cassette LP (Country Road Records)

Side 1
01.Real Salvation
02.This Place
03.Mary Had
04.Pro-Life Punx
05.Hey Lizzy
06.Wake Up Christians
07.Broken Bread
08.Jesus Loves You
09.Strength in You
10.Faith in God

Side 2

12.The Persecuted
13.Jesus Paid
14.Awesome God
15.Reform For Life
16.Reality Check
17.Smarten Up

32 minutes 46 seconds

Download @ 128

Thanks to Keegan for locating this cassette for me.

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