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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Scrotum Death

Thanks to Skar for telling me about this band!

I check out the Zer site as it is one of the better download sites for metal and hardcore, but sometimes I don't for months and then the download links are dead.

This is harsh, fuzzy, primitive death / black metal.
I thought the Necrobutcher LP  (NWN records) was the closest thing I would find released these days, to remind me of the 1980s deathcore spirit (re:REAL deathcore, not the shit that has paraded as it for the last decade).[I will have to make a post about deathcore sometime....about what I KNEW as deathcore.]

The description there at Zer  for Scrotum Death is correct, I hear the similarities to both bands - Hellhammer, and very early Morbid Angel.

I like bands like  Scrotum Death , with this low-fi sound.
I used to listen to a band called Gravewurm that sort of were like this.

Go and download it, if you like yer metal very brutal and simple.

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