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Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Heathen (US) - Recovered (2004)[Compilation]

Heavy Metal / Speed Metal / Thrash Metal

Produced by Rob Beaton & Heathen
San Francisco (Bay Area), California

lineup for this release was:
Vocals - David White (Blind Illusion, Inner Threshold, Bomb Threat, Laughing Dead, Under)
Guitars - Ira Black (Consfearacy, Bralalalala (live), ex-Pornucopia, ex-Doom Society, ex-Prophesy, ex-Chris Caffery, ex-Lizzy Borden, ex-Vicious Rumors)
Guitars - Lee Altus (Exodus, Angel Witch, Die Krupps)
Bass - Michael "Yaz" Jastremski (ex-Griffin)
Drums - Darren Minter (Angel Witch, Brutal Groove, Deconstruct, Die Krupps)

1. Death On Two Legs (Queen cover) (4:01)
2. The Holy War  (Thin Lizzy cover) (5:03)
3. In Memory Of... (5:21)
4. Hellbound (Tygers of Pan Tang cover)(3:50)
5. Eye of the Storm (Sweet Savage cover) (3:22)
6. Hypnotized (7:23)
7. Opiate of the Masses (7:29)
8. Timeless Cell (5:08)
9. Mercy Is No Virtue (6:03)
Tracks 6-9 - the Opiate the Masses demo remastered.

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