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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Darrell Mansfield Band

Darrell Mansfield Band (USA) - Get Ready (1980)

Genre: Blues / Rock / Christian
Polydor Records
Vocals, Harmonica – Darrell Mansfield.

"He is to be found on albums by Loverboy, Bon Jovi & Van Halen among others."

"Darrell Mansfield is an American vocalist, harmonica player, songwriter, recording artist, and performer of various genres including gospel, contemporary Christian music, blues, blues rock, rock, country rock, and soul/R&B. He is considered a pioneer of the Jesus Music movement of the 1970s and has influenced countless contemporary Christian music and mainstream artists alike."
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38 minutes 23 seconds

1. Get Ready  (4:44)
2. Mr. Rock 'N Roll (4:09)
3. Above The Water (6:14)
4. Billy Joe (3:45)
5. Heaven Southwestern (6:40)
6. Never Be The Same (3:37)
7. Power Of Love (4:17)
8. Life Saver (4:57)
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