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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

"Why are Armenians eating LASAGNA?!"

"Why are Armenians eating LASAGNA?!"
- "Les
WKRP in Cincinnati: Season 2, Episode 6 Carlson for President (5 Nov. 1979) 

I DON'T CARE Mr. Nessman, I do not care.
Now everybody look at a super-hot actress who is 1/2 Armenian,
That is all.
Adrienne Barbeau

besides her being the main reason I liked the MAUDE tv show (OK, pretty much the only reason besides the funny neighbor played by Conrad Bain ,  I WISHED I was her student in The Twilight Zone 1985 Episode: "Teacher's Aide" !
I doubt I am not the only guy that would have done ANYTHING she demanded. Va-Va-Va-Voom!

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