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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Warfare (UK) - A Concept of Hatred (Anthems from the Alter) VHS Rip

POSTED BY Hec_The_Wreck
-Ripped from my original VHS.
Released in 1987 by Jettisoundz LTD.This film was put out to promote their album "A Conflict of Hatred" Recorded at St.Johns Parish Church Shildon 11/08/87

EVO - Drums & Lead Vocals
GUNNER - Guitars


1.Dance of the Dead
2.This Machine Kills
4.Military Shadow
5.Atomic Slut
6.Projectile Vomit
7.Burn the Kings Road
8.Hate to Create
9.Fatal Sin


Think I might have to re-collect all the WARFARE albums and sew a WARFARE patch on my jacket!

Forgot how great this aggressive punk-metal band is!
Lots of ways to download off YOUTUBE.

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