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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Various ‎– The Lost Tapes Of Cogumelo

Lost Tapes of Cogumelo [COMPILATION-BRAZIL]

01 Overdose - Ultima estrella
02 Holocausto - Massacre
03 Sarcófago - Christ's Death    
04 Sarcófago - Satanic Lust
05 Sepultura - Necromancer
06 Mutilator - Evil Conspiracy
07 Mutilator - Visions Of Darkness
08 Chakal - Children Sacrifice

Thanks to the original uploader for this rarity.
I still remember sitting in Rob Raffan's basement listening to this first demo recording by SEPULTURA and being totally blown away by the heaviness.
To this day, I am not the only one who thought the chorus was "Necromancer , dirty fucker" when it is actually "Necromancer, death invoker", ha ha !

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